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Fallen Eagles - T to Z

This list was originally compiled by CMSgt Bob Jones. He started creating this list long before computers came into daily use. Kirk Carpenter took over the list, organized it and put into a database. Kirk continued to maintain the list until Ted Colquhoun assumed the duties in February of 2011. Please contact Ted by clicking here with suggested changes, additions or deletions. Please also remember that Ted is doing this as a volunteer and we cannot and do not assume this list is complete or accurate, neither should you. It is only as good as the inputs received. As we receive updates from Ted, we will post them as a benefit to the members, keeping in mind the above caveat.
File last updated: March 1, 2014 8:31:00 AM CST
Fallen Eagles - Master List, T to Z
TABANO, Dominick N. "Nick" TSgt 2000 R29170; 6924SS Da Nang 70-71.
TAGARAS, Michael T. Col 2011 31 years USAF, ESC/LG
TAKAHASHI, Richard T. Jr. Unk 2010 Asgn 6924th/Danang 1966; 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan; Fire Captain Wheeler AFB, HI
TAKAHASHI, Wesley K. Unk 2010 202x T2 Misawa 1961-64
TALLEY, Cecil T. Unk 2006 202 asgn Misawa 1954-56
TALLEY, Norman M. Jr. Unk 2007 Need info please
TAMSETT, Frank S. CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer; retired out of AFSS AFCD; very active in Masonic Order & Affiliates
TANAKA, Ernie SSgt 1964 292/207 Supervisor @ Chicksands
TARABORRELI, Carmy Unk 2002 3rd Radio Scty Sq, COMSEC/USAFSS Vet
TARBOX, Luther A. LtCol 2009 Commander @ NKP, Thailand; asgn Hawaii, Hq USAFSS
TATE, Howard LCol 1986 OIC, Cmd Special Applications Engineering Lab (Spook Stuff)
TATRO, Alice GS 2008 Longtime employee in Bldg 2000, USAFSS Hq
TATUM, Odis M. Unk 1986 Need info please
TAUS, Tom LCol 1995 Russ Linguist; weather specialist
TAUSSIG, George N. Unk 1994 293X0 asgn Misawa 1958-59
TAYLOR, Charles W. "Chuck" CMSgt 2008 Disaster preparedness office @ Goodfellow
TAYLOR, Darrell T. TSgt 1997 Career of 20-yrs in SS; FTVA member
TAYLOR, Donald R. LtCol 2003 DCS/Personnel Hq USAFSS 1953-54, Dir of Mil Personnel
TAYLOR, Gregg "Turk" Unk 2008 Asgn Misawa 1971-72, Philippines
TAYLOR, Henry A. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TAYLOR, Jimmy L. MSgt 2000 SS era; logistics/material specialist Cmd Hq, Germany, Okinawa, Japan, et al
TAYLOR, Marston J. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TAYLOR, Steven R. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TAYLOR, Terry G. "TG" SMSgt 2007 Coll NCO asgn GAFB, Kelly, Keesler, San Vito, Iraklion, Chicks, Misawa, Goose Bay
TEAGUE, Elmer L. SMSgt 2000 AFCD Tech Svc & Civ; Vet WWII, active Masonic Order, 32 degree; Helotes/SAT
TEAL, Earley Bird (EB) MSgt 2011 X2, RAF Chicksand 66-70, San Vito, Karamursel, 22 years service
TEED, Peter W. "Pete" SSgt 2002 Chinese 203 @ Yale basic/int; asgn Ft Meade, GAFB as instructor, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TEIJELO, Donald L. A3C 2009 Motor Pool @ 41st RSM/Bremerhaven 1952-53
TELLER, J. Craig Unk 2010 1st CO of 1st RSM Det 11 (Misawa) 1951
TEMPLADO, Timothy E. A2C 2006 Asgn Misawa (T4) 1964-
TEMPLE, Archie G. GS-15 2012 1962-66 Personnel Systems Analyst, 1966-1994 Systems Analyst HQ USAFSS, ESC
TEMPLETON, Madison Unk 2009 COMSEC
TEMPLIN, Robert C. Sgt 1989 292x1 - 6960 ABS - San Antonio, Misawa 66-67
TENNISON, Don MSgt 2007 292X1 asgn Kirknewton 1960-62, Keesler instructor 1963, Elmendorf
TESSMAN, Phyllis GS 1997 SS Flt Opns scheduling, etc; aka Phyllis Odom
TESSMER, Bernard D. Unk 1992 SS Ol'Timer, Opns/Comm; 6913thRSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; et al
TESTRAKE, Al Sgt 1984 Chinese linguist @ Kadena; suicide
TETREAULT, Jeff E-4 2011 202XX, 1969-73, 6941st SS, GAFB, 1970 - 6927th SS, JSPC, 1970 - 6970th SG, NSA, 1971-1973
TETTEMER, Marvin D. Unk 1997 Asgn Misawa 1963
THARP, Robert N. GS 1993 Chinese professor; mentored USAFSS Chi ling; ran Yale IFEL program
THAYER, William "Bill" GS/Col 2008 SES engineer @ NSA
THEODORE, Leon L. Unk 1999 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
THISSELLE, Vernon "Buzz" MSgt 2007 Russian linguist asgn Germany, Misawa, Aleutians, England
THOMA, James R. "Jim" Unk Unk Asgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62; 6929th/Osan
THOMAS, Fred A. Unk 2009 293X2 asgn 41RSM/Bremerhaven, 37RSM/Kirknewton, 8RSM/Brooks
THOMAS, Gearod E. SSgt 1999 702 asgn Misawa 1955
THOMAS, Jack E. Mgen 2008 ACSI to Chief/Staff Curtis Lemay, JP McConnell
THOMAS, Kenneth Unk 1997 Need info please
THOMAS, Perry K. W. CMSgt 2003 30 years service; asgn 6924th/Danang, Misawa, San Vito, Crete and NSA
THOMAS, Phillip D. II GS 2008 USAFSS vet asgn Menwith Hill in early 70s; NSA
THOMASON, James P. MSgt 1995 Asgn 41st RSM/Bremerhaven, 6927th RSM/Onna Point Okinawa
THOMASSON, Joseph F. MSgt 2009 C&E Maint NCOIC @ Bremerhaven 1957-60; US Navy in WWII
THOMPSON, Al(an) W. CMSgt 2010 202X0, Asgn Crete as Exploitation NCOIC; Zweibrucken mid-60s; EW in Bldg 2000, Misawa 62-65
THOMPSON, Charles H. MSgt 1986 Need info please
THOMPSON, Franklin D. Jr. SSgt 1997 292X1 asgn 6990th/Kadena, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
THOMPSON, Hansel "Hank" GS 2008 Air Force Security Command and Kelly Fire Chief
THOMPSON, Jimmy A1C 2013 Y202x0, 6940th TTW, Goodfellow AFB - 61-62, 6917th SS, San Vito, IT - 62-64, HQ USAFSS, San Antonio, TX - 64-65
THOMPSON, John H. GS 1986 Need info please
THOMPSON, Leslie M. SMSgt 197? ACRP; AMT at Yokota,Omaha, ESR, & SS Cmd Hq; died of lung cancer mid 70's
THOMPSON, Rex M. SMSgt 1982 NCOIC CE/Comm @ 6913/Bremerhaven 57-60; ret in 70s
THOMPSON, Robert "Robb" MSgt 2007 Asgn San Vito, Hq USAFSS as Information System Security Manager,
THOMPSON, William R. "Bill" SMSgt 2006 Personnel asgn Vietnam, San Vito, Randolph
THORNLEY, Lawrence H. "Larry" Maj 2009 Korean linguist asgn Skivvy Nine 1961-62; bootstrap commission
THORNTON, William J. Sr. GS 2007 Asgn Hq USAFSS/Manpower since 60s
THRASHER, James R. "Jimbo" MSgt 2008 202X0 asgn Danang/Monkey Mtn; Korea; AFSCC; flew AC-130 Spectre gunships
TIBBS, John Unk Unk Asgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
TICE, Robert UNK UNK Cryppie, Instr @ Goodfellow
TIENKEN, Burton "Burt/Tink" SMSgt 1989 Asgn Misawa, Munich, Scott AFB, Hickam AFB, Beale AFB, Def Nuc Agncy
TIERNEY, James Jr. Sgt 1983 20351, 1965-71, 6985th, Eielson AFB, Alaska 66-68
TIETZ, Edward C. Unk 1991 Need info please
TIGG, John D. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TILLMAN, Dave "Tilly" Unk Unk Asgn 6922nd/Philippines
TILLMAN, Harold MSgt 2006 Asgn Alaska, Japan, Korea, England, Germany, Pakistan, Italy; 292X1 op, cntlr, supvr
TILLMAN, Terry W. "Horanji" CMSgt 1998 Korean linguist from 60s; retired Osan Korea 1987; stayed there as GS till death
TIMNEY, John F. "Jack" A3C 1986 292X1 asgn 41st RSM/Bremerhaven 1952, Kirknewton/Scotland
TINNEY, Frank Col 1997 Cmd Staff, DCS/Personnel
TIPSWORD, Terry "Tip" TSgt 2006 Career USAFSS previously asgn Misawa
TISDALE, Paul A. Col 2003 WWII pilot; landed at D-Day; moved USAFSS to Brooks before Korea; asgn Japan
TOBIN, Gary A2C 1964 Frankfort. Auto accident in Frankfort.
TOBOLA, Edward J. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TOEPPE, William J. Unk 2005 Crypto maint asgn 41 RSM/Bremerhaven, 10 RSM/Chicksands, 37 RSM Kirknewton
TOLBERT, Nathaniel P. TSgt 2010 Asgn Misawa 1965-
TOM, David "Dave" SSgt 2010 Abrn Chinese linguist asgn 6990th/Kadena
TOMASELLI, Michael A. SSgt 2004 Asgn Det 5, 6922 Tan Son Nhut 67-68, NSA
TOMKINS, Edward L. MSgt 19?? SS Ol'Timer, Opns AFSC, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; et al
TOMPKINS, DAVID L. A3C 1986 293x Misawa 58-
TOMPKINS, Therone N. "Tom" Unk 2008 207X1 asgn Misawa 1965-67
TOPP, Thomas J. A2C 2006 Misawa 1958
TOPPINGS, Harold G. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TORMEY, Joseph W. "Joe" SSgt 2001 Asgn 8th RSM (1951-53), 29th RSM (1953-55)
TORRES, Jaime Unk 2009 Need info pls
TORTORETE, Joseph Maj 2009 201/202; orig mbr 37th RSM; asgn TX, AK, MD, Germany, Pakistan; mustang Major
TOSI, Albert A1C 2006 3rd RSM - 53-55, 6981st Elmendorf
TOUBY, Robert H. "Bob" Col 2010 Karamursel Commander, Misawa Wing Commander 1973-76, Pac Scty Rgn/CC
TOVEN, Albert P. TSgt 199? SS OL'Timer, Opns AFSC, Brooks AFB, 6913th RSM, AFSCC; others
TOWLER, Harry Col 1958 Chix CO mid-50s and @ NSA
TOWNLEY, Thomas Unk 1988 Need info please
TOWNSEN, Robert G. "Bob" GS 2009 Civilian mgr @ Goodfellow 36 yrs
TRACY, Barney SSgt 2010 Public information off asgn 6920th Scty Gp 1950-54, Seoul, Tokyo, Ashiya, Johnson AB
TRACY, Paul B. Unk 1988 292X1 asgn D Trick @ 41st RSM/Bremerhaven 1952-54; managed sports activities
TRACY, Thomas M SMSgt 2001 202 @ Chicksands, Alaska
TRANSUE, David W. Sgt 2002 Asgn Misawa 1970s
TRAPP, Tony Joe MSgt 2012 more info please
TRAYWICK, Clarence O. SSgt 2006 711X0 asgn Misawa 1971-
TREJO, Cleofas Unk 1986 292/207 @ 6917th early 60s
TREMBLAY, James W. Maj 2010 Russian linguist; as officer was responsible for disposal of Agent Orange
TRIAS, Theodorus J. SSgt 1956 SS ACRP linguist @ Yokota; lost on RB-50 msn 09-10-56
TRIETCH, Fred Unk 2005 292X1 asgn Europe, Philippines; 23 year USAFSS vet
TRIMBLE, Norman L. Unk 1997 SS Operations; FTVA member
TROEGER, William "Willie" A1C 2012 6921st RGM, 61-63
TROJAN, Paul Unk 2012 Need more information please
TROJAN, Paul Unk 2012 need more information please
TROUT, Gerald Dwight (Jerry) CMSgt 2012 20200, RAF Chicksands - 66-69, 71-75, 78-82 - Turkey - Medina 69-70, Vietnam 70-71, Crete 77-78, 83-85 - HQ ESC 1986 -
TROXEL, GEOFFREY Unk 1974 T2 asgn Misawa 1962-65
TRUMP, Robert D. SMSgt 2010 Asgn NSA, Japan, Turkey, Philippines, Texas, Alaska
TUCKER, Clyde Unk 2004 Asgn Darmstadt; CPA after retirement
TUCKER, Eldon L. SSgt 2004 Asgn Misawa
TUCKER, Susan Unk 1986 San Vito (Need info please)
TUDINO, Raymond (Ray) Frank SMSgt 2011 First Sgt, Viet Ling (Dogger), NCOA Instructor - 6990th/390th, Goodfellow NCOA, 94th, 70th FSS and 32 IS, Ft Meade
TULLEY, William CMSgt 2012 Russian Linguist, US Army and US Air Force, served in Korean War
TUREK, FRANCIS I. A2C 2008 Misawa 53-
TURNER, Boyd V. CMSgt 2008 732XX/Pers asgn 6937th/Pakistan
TURNER, Cecil L. MSgt 1997 Det 1, 6923RSM (6924SS) Da Nang 62-63; 6911RGM 59-60
TURNEY, Doyle Unk 2001 USAFSS ComSec Vet/2nd RSM.
TWINING, Danny Unk Unk Asgn 6922nd/Philippines
TWOMBLY, Donald J. LCol 1982 Opns Officer
TYLER, Peggy J. Dancer GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer, w\35 yrs svc, ret from AFEWC, avid bowler, member of Eastern Star
UHL, Robert E. "Bob" SMSgt/GS 2004 202 asgn 6948th/6918th-Hakata/6993rd-San Antonio/Hq ESC as mil and civ
UHLMEYER, Thomas SMSgt 2004 WWII Radio Op; NCOIC Tuslog Det 3-2 ('64-'66); asgn Wheeler HI ('69); Taiwan; GAFB
ULMAN, Neil H. SSgt 2002 6990 Scty Gp - AFSC 29251
ULMER, William Unk 1975 292X1 asgn 6952nd/Kirknewton, 6947th/Key West, later airborne
ULRICK, Raymond W. (Ray) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
UMSCHEID, Arthur E. CMsgt 1988 1st Sgt asgn 6920th.
UPTAIN, Doye E. CMSgt 2007 Asgn 6924th/Danang
URBAN, Vicki Civ 2012 Civilian at Hq ESC, AFIC, AIA and AFISRA More information on assignments please
URBANECK, Frank G. GS 1994 292XX/Analyst; WWII radio operator; copied German surrender message
USYAK, Kenneth E. (Ken) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
UTT, Robert Unk Unk 292X1 asgn Misawa T1 1965-66
UZZELL, David B. Unk 2003 Asgn Misawa 1959-60
VALENZUELA, Gilberto "Gil" MSgt 2010 A294/A205 at Kadena (6990th), Athens (6916th)
VALERSKY, John "Val" Maj 2007 Enlisted Army pre-WWII the USAF; asgn Darmstadt, first CO Kirknewton; Zweibrucken
VALLERY, Dean B. LCol 2001 ComSec Vet. WWII, Korea, Vietnam. "Enlisted Man's Officer".
VAN BENTHUYSEN, John H. Jr. 1Lt 1992 Asgn Misawa, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
VAN KLINE, Karl SMSgt 2009 202 asgn Homestead, Frankfurt, Iraklion, Ft Meade
VAN PELT, Robert MSgt 2006 Cryptographic tech asgn 1st RSM (1946), 2nd RSM, Korea (during war), Kelly
VAN VOORST, Scott SMSgt 2007 202 asgn 12th AF/Davis-Monthan
VANBUREN, Paul W. Unk 2002 TTY Maint @ Darmstadt
VANCE, Roger L. Unk 1990 771x Misawa 1970
VANCE, William R. Unk Unk Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
VANDEVER Jr., John Joseph (Jack) Unk 2011 Civilian, 82-95, Ft Meade
VANKIRK, James C. Unk 2010 202x Misawa 1969
VANN, John Capt 1992 Asgn USAFSS/XRX (Manpower) 75-78.
VARGA, Glenn H. Unk 2004 Asgn Misawa 1969-
VARHALL, Gregory Lt Col 2011 8031 Ops Officer, Flight Commander, Charlie Flight, 6950th RAF Chicksands UK, also in Southeast Asia, and Scotland
VATIER, Hume F. A2C 1998 771x, Misawa - 1966-67
VAYDA, Richard unk 2001 203x, Misawa 1958-59
VELIE, Bernard F. CMSgt 2006 203 asgn Japan, Germany, Turkey, Crete, Pakistan; long time VP/Ops Scty Svc FCU
VENTRISS, Donald E. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
Verbrugghe, Albert E. Unk 2009 Priest and USAFSS Chaplain
VERNONE, Merle J. Maj 2005 HoH Inductee; asgn ESC, Vietnam, WWII Pacific theater
VEST, Henry F. SSgt 1993 292X1 asgn Misawa 1965-
VESTAL, James H. Unk 2002 Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
VIATOR, John D. A1C 1994 Misawa 1957
VIDA, William "Bill" MSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer, was a Radio Intcpt Maint Technician
VIDOR, Davy L. A2C 1993 Misawa 1952
VILLARREAL, Ricardo M. 1Lt 1958 SS ACRP C130 Navigator out of USAFE 7406th; killed in Sep 2-59 shoot down
VINCENT, Irvin G. Unk 2003 Cryptanalyst @ Bremerhaven and Sembach in early 50s
VINCI, Charles R. SMSgt 1984 292X1asgn San Vito, Malstrom, Greece, Vietnam
VIPRAIO, William J. "VIP" Col 2007 Need info please
VITKUS, Raymond A. Col 2010 26th Intel Gp/Ramstein Commander 1993-95
VIVIRITO, Richard Sgt 1987 202X0, 6931st Scty Gp, Crete 64-66
VLOET, John Col 2007 Died June 17th after heart attack
VOLLBRECHT, Donald F. Unk 2002 292X1 USAFSS 41st/6913th Vet.
VOLLE, Robert "Bob" SMSgt 1988 Airborne @ Alaska, ESE, R/M, Omaha, Hahn, Key West. Heart problems.
VOLTZ, Robert N. UNK 2013 Russian 203, Service during Vietnam
VOORHIS, Daniel TSgt 1985 202 working non-morse section at 6925th/Clark AB, PI in 1961-62.
WACHOWIAK, Anthony S. CMSgt/GS 2003 Radio surveillance. Asgn East Asia, England, Germany, Pakistan, Thailand.
WADDLE, Carl L. CMSgt 1997 292XX, SS Ol'Timer; Baker Flight Msn Supe 6986th/Wakannai 1963-64, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WAGAMAN, Lester E. MSgt 2009 Bremerhaven mission supervisor B flight 10/55-2/58
WAGAR, Michael T. LtCol 2008 Asgn Afghanistan
WAGTER, Herman J. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WAHLMAN, Robert "Bob" UNK UNK QD, 6990th and 6908th
WAKING, Elmer Unk 1989 Need info please
WALCZAK, John F. Unk 1988 Asgn Misawa 1960-62
WALDHAUER, Robert K. A1C 2004 Asgn Misawa 1966-
WALDHAUER, Robert K. "Bob" Unk 2004 292X1 asgn Bremerhaven in mid-60s
WALDIE, Robert W. A2C 1999 202x, Misawa 1964-
WALDRIP, John B. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WALECKA, Norman "Wally" CMSgt 2005 Asgn NSA/A-Group; asgn Misawa while in USAFSS
WALIGORSKI, Joseph L. "Joe" SMSgt 1981 First Sgt. Asgn Danang 64-65.
WALKER, Hershel L. Unk 2007 Comm op from Army ASA to USAFSS; asgn Landsberg, Alaska, Amarillo, Wiesbaden
WALL, Malcom E. LtCol 2002 USAFSS/DCS-OPS in early 50s.
WALLACE, Charles E. (Chuck) TSgt 2011 201, 6902nd, 6970th, JSPC, Yale, Thailand and Korea
WALLACE, Robert D. "Wally" Unk 2002 Asgnd Misawa, Danang
WALLENDER, Robert L. Col 2001 Previously commander of 6994th in Vietnam
WALLING, Duane E. Unk 2007 292 asgn Misawa 1964-75
WALLS, Larry O. MSgt 2010 202 asgn San Antonio, Shemya, Wiesbaden, and Tan Son Nhut
WALTERS, Jack L. CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, 29290, SIGINT Support Opns
WALTNER, Walt (Mavis L.) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WALTZ, Thomas C. Jr. MSgt 2012 202X0, SOC III, Kindsback Cave Germany, DET 1, EST at Eglin AFB FL
WANEK, Donnie R. Unk 2009 Asgn Misawa 1957-
WARD, Charles "Charlie" TSgt 2000 Airborne Chinese linguist @ Yokota early 60s
WARD, Hal T. "Pappy" MSgt 2001 WWII era vet ret 1959. Initial cadre to activate 6920th/Japan in 1953
WARD, Ralph Unk Unk Asgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
WARDEN, Brenda GS 1998 SS Ol'timer in Cmd Comsec Engineering Directorate
WARE, William Unk Unk Asgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
WARMAN, Herb MSgt 2001 207 asgn Osan
WARNER, Harvey H. Jr. CMSgt 2008 Ground radio/radar maint; asgn Pakistan, Turkey
WARNKE, Theodore C. Unk 1994 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
WARREN, Don "Yeni" MSgt 2004 203-Ru asgnd Germany/Turkey/Offutt/Eielson 60's and 70's. Then FAA until 2004
WARREN, Dorsey J. TSgt 1994 202XX, 6989th RSM; Instructor Goodfellow AFB, et al
WARTES, Calvin "Cal", Jr. MSgt 2000 TRY30474; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
WASCOM, John D. Unk 2011 1954-1978 Frankfurt, Germany, Madrid, Spain, Peshawar, Pakistan, and Goodfellow AFB,
WASSERMAN, William L. "Bill" Unk 2010 Russian linguist asgn Wakkanai 1953-54
WATSON, Francis S. SMSgt 2006 Asgn Germany
WATSON, Johnnie A. MSgt 19?? SS ACRP A29271 @ Rhein-Main in early 60's, Kadena.
WATSON, Ladd LCol 19?? Cmd Hq Staff
WATSON, Paul E. Unk 1996 COMSEC; SS Ol'timer, was a Mason, DAV
WATTS, Daniel L. SMSgt 1989 Asgn Misawa 1970s
WATTS, DAVID L. SMSgt 199x SS Ol'Timer, 41st (6913 RSM), Bremerhaven; many others
WAY, Ronald E. UNK 2012 6918th, Hakata
WEARDON, Katherine GS 2002 Asgd Doc Control for 35 years @ HQ USAFSS, ESC, AFCD
WEAVER, Gabriel T. Jr. Unk 2005 Asgn Hq USAFSS, Chicksands, Kirknewton
WEAVER, Marion M.,Jr. SMSgt 1999 SS Ok'Timer, Data Processor, Zweibrukcken, Crete, Cmd Hq, et al
WEBB, James "Jim" MSgt 1971 ACRP, Russian linguist Rhein-Main/Eielson early/late 60's
WEBER, Robert V. Unk 19?? SS OL'Timer; Brooks AFB; 6913 RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
WEDRYK, Raymond A1C 2010 Asgn Misawa 1964
WEEKS, James Lee Unk 19?? Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WEGE, Walter Unk 1990 ACRP; Vietnamese linguist @ 6990tth/Kadena
WEINBRENNER, George Col 2010 Need info pls
WEISBAUM, Donald M. A1C 1999 Asgn Bremerhaven 1952-54
WEISER, Blanche GS 2006 Asgn Hq USAFSS
WEITZ, Gene MSgt 197? ACRP; Russian linguist; Eielson, Rhein-Main & Athens; heart attack in Athens early 70's
WELCH, Dean C. CMSgt 1993 202 with USAFSS 30+ years. Served in Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and Hawaii.
WELCH, Norman A. CMSgt 2005 Flew 127 C-47 combat msns; asgn PI, Taiwan, Turkey, Crete, Texas, Minot, RVN
WELLHAUSEN, William W. unk 2010 292x1, Misawa 1957
WELLNER, Charles E. (Chuck) TSgt 1974 202 - Misawa and Elmendorf, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WELLS, "Skip" SSgt 1963 292 asgnd San Vito. Killed in scooter accident on the way to Brindisi.
WELLS, James Unk 2005 COMSEC vet
WELNER, Charles SSgt 1974 Asgn Hakata
WENDEL, Johyn R. A1C 1994 Misawa 1972
WENDT, Alvin H. CMSgt/GS 1989 AFCD E&I Team after USAFSS retirement
WENTKER, Larry (Lawrence) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WERTZ, Arthur H. GS 2005 Asgn USAFSS/ESC/AFIC Comm Dir & NSA
WESSNER, Stanley Jr. Unk 19?? Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
WEST, John E. GS 1997 SS Ol'Timer; 30-year career; was in Masonic Lodge, DAV
WEST, Randall Glenn A2C 1998 292x2 in Shiroi 1958
WEST, Rolland C. Maj 2001 Hq USAFSS Comm Ctr (1970s)
WESTEMEIER, Donald O. SSgt 2005 202X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
WESTERBERG, BERNARD C. Unk 2000 202x T3 Misawa 57-
WESTFALL, Donald L. Unk 2009 Russian linguist asgn Maryland, Alaska, Germany, Turkey, Japan
WESTON, Richard Unk 2005 Asgn 2nd RSM
WETHERINGTON, Hartridge G. Jr. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WETZSTEIN, James V. Unk 2007 T4, Misawa 1977-78
WEYANDT, Paul W. CMSgt 1987 Expert ARDF in SEA; 900 missions flown. Car accident, Misawa 1965-66
WEYERBACHER, Dale E. A1c 1993 203MD @ Kadena during Vietnam era.
WHEELER, Eliot MSgt 2006 453rd EWS Flagging Division, San Antonio, 1999-2005
WHEELER, William "Butch" Col 1997 EW expert; Cmd Staff, 6981/CC, retired as ESA/CC; retired to fishing guide in Alaska
WHEELER-SMITH, Linda N. TSgt 2012 292x1, T1 Misawa 77-79 - 20 years USAF - Keesler AFB, Mississippi; Clark AFB, Philippines; Iraklion AFS, Crete; San Antonio, Texas; Taiwan, Misawa AFB, Japan; Kunia, Hawaii; Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX; Kadena AFB, Okinawa; and Ft. George G Meade, MD
WHITAKER, Dale C. (Charles) TSgt 1973 Misawa 1964-65
WHITAKER, Douglas S. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WHITAKER, Jason A. Unk 2009 202; need addl info pls
WHITAKER, Way L. CMSgt 2003 Radio op during WWII (incl D-Day), Berlin Airlift. Retired USAFSS/Kelly.
WHITCOMB, Oliver A. "Ollie" Maj 198? SS ACRP; Russian linguist, commissioned asgn Kadena/Offutt; NCO/Officer AMS
WHITE, Albert H. Jr. (Bert) A1c 2002 293 @ 2nd RSM/6911th Darmstadt
WHITE, Bruce E. CMSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer from WWII as Rad Opr, then Ditte Bopper; 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Ret CMSgt & Res CWO-3
WHITE, Donald E. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WHITE, George F. Unk 19?? Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
WHITE, Horsley B. MSgt 2008 Asgn Alaska, England, Libya, Goodfellow, Lackland
WHITE, John K. LCol 1996 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Ops Officer; WWII vet; was in D-Day invasion
WHITE, Leroy "Sonny" MSgt 2008 Retired USAFSS then 25 yrs w/NSA
WHITMAN, Lawrence E. SSgt 1996 R81150 SP; 6924SS Da Nang 64-65, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WHITMAN, Richard J. Unk 2006 Asgn Misawa '64-65
WHITTEMORE, Donald D. CMSgt 1984 Opns; Russian linguist, Cmd Hq, PSR area, et al
WHYLEY, William A. A2C 2005 292XX asgn Misawa 1964
WHYTOSHEK, Rudolph J A1C 19?? SS ACRP Polish linguist @ Rhein -Main '59-'60; AKA "Whyty"
WICKEY, Oliver M. SMSgt 2006 292X1 asgn Roswell NM (1947), Bremerhaven, Darmstadt, Korea, Shemya, Goodfellow
WIDEMAN, Rudolph V. CMSgt 1996 Maint Supt Cmd Hq; Medina AB; Italy, et al
WIGAND, John Unk 2012 More info please
WIGGINS, Clyde H. Unk 1986 Misawa 1961
WIGGINS, Edsel D. Maj 2004 Early USAF C-47 pilot with time in USAFSS. One of Chicksands founders.
WIITALA, ROBERT E. Unk 1988 Misawa 54-
WILCZEK, Edward W. A1C 1993 Misawa 1954
WILDES, Gordon W. Col 1994 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Dep Cmdr Cmd; ESR; Hq AFIC; a true GI's officer
WILHELMSON, Kenneth F. MSgt 2007 AMT asgn USAFSS
WILKERSON, RONALD J. Unk 2008 292x2 Misawa 70-
WILKIE, Carl J. SSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB 202XX, asgd: 2nd RSM, Darmstadt, Ger 1952-55.
WILLEY, Carl F. CWO4 1997 SS Ol'Timer, Opns Supv, 6989th RSM, 6924th/Danang, et al
WILLIAMS, Art GS-12 2012 Engineer, Civ-USAFSS, ESD Ground Electronics 1950-1970, specialized in radio and panoramic rcvrs, Ground Systems Engineering Directorate
WILLIAMS, Arward C. "AC" Civ 2006 ACRP/ASRP system engineer on RB-50, C-130, RC-135
WILLIAMS, George S. Unk 1999 Asgn 2nd RSM
WILLIAMS, Kenneth V. GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer from Capt in US Navy WWII era; well known; highly regarded
WILLIAMS, Leon CMSgt 2004 In charge of Supply @ Hof AS, Germany
WILLIAMS, Melva E. Unk 1993 Need info please
WILLIAMS, Noah W. CMSgt 1996 20290, SS fm '50; Alaska, Greece, Japan, et al
WILLIAMS, Patrick J. Unk 2011 AMT
WILLIAMS, Richard A. "Dick" Unk 2009 203 Chinese IFEL grad; asgn Onna Pt 55-57, Yokota 57-58; Chinese college prof
WILLIAMS, Richard E. Col 2009 Asgn Hq USAFSS
WILLIAMS, Robert L. SMSgt 1993 Personnel, Cmd Hq, 6970, ESR, Korea
WILLIAMS, Thaddeus E. (Thad) Unk 2011 USAFSS and AFCD
WILLIAMS, Wallace M. Jr. Unk 2005 Asgn Misawa 1970-72
WILLIAMSON, William P. Col 1997 Cmd Staff
WILLIS, Sidney A. Maj 2008 B17 gunner WWII; Korean linguist; early unit CO of Skivvy Nine in Korea
WILNER, Charles T. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WILSON, Charles "Charlie" CMSgt 2010 Hq USAFSS Stan/Eval
WILSON, Clarence Arthur "Art" SSgt 2002 R304X4; 6924SS Da Nang 1970.
WILSON, DAVID L. SSgt 2005 292x2 Misawa 70-
WILSON, Ernest L. "Ernie" SMSgt 2003 Premier AMS/analyst; 203-MA asgn Yokota, Eielson, Offutt; Ops Supt @ Key West
WILSON, Everett F. "Willie" CMSgt 2007 Last asgn as Maint Supt 6949th ESS/Offutt
WILSON, Harry A. Col 2002 Member of original cadre that established USAFSS; 6921st/CC; USAFSS/LG
WILSON, Herbert D. SSgt 1969 ACRP; Russian linguist, lost on mission ??
WILSON, Irl D. Lt Col 1991 Commander 6960 Support Sq 1954
WILSON, Jerrold "Jerry" TSgt 2008 Ground radio; asgn Darmstadt, Augsburg
WILSON, Russell G. Unk 19?? SS ACRP linguist @ Rhein-Main 1957-59, et al
WINBURN, JACK L. A2c 2000 Asgn Misawa 65-
WINEGARD, Gordon "Al" TSgt 2009 RFP Tech; photographer; asgn Shaw, Langley, Cam Ranh Bay, Bitburg, Tinker
WINEINGER, Wesley "Wes" CWO 198? ASA to found AFSS 1950 along w/Maj John P. Shean; Comm Spec; HOH Member
WINEINGER, WESLEY G. CWO 2003 Asgn Misawa 64-
WING, Fred Unk 2010 Asgn 1st RSM/Wakkanai 1952-54
WINGFIELD, Donald "Don" Unk 2009 Asgn Turkey (KDCI) 1969-72
WINGO, Debra unk 2012 Chi-Ling, Kunia Hawaii
WINSTON, Samuel Jr. SSgt 2003 Asgn Misawa 1970s
WINTER, Charles III unk 2011 6937th Comm. Group, Peshawar, Pakistan Sep 67, Dec 68 as 203xx Able Flight
WINTER, David CMSgt 1986 292 @ Misawa & HQ USAFSS
WINTER, Donald H. SSgt 19?? SS Ol'Timer; Brooks AFB; 6913 RSM, et al
WINTER, Paul C. Unk 2003 Asgn 2nd RSM
WINTER, Peter M. A2C 2010 202X - Misawa 1956
WINTERMAN, Jerome F. Unk 1984 202X - Misawa 1955
WINTERS, Charles Unk 2011 need more info
WINTERSOLE, Lloyd Col 1986 Cmd Staff
WINTHER, Don L. A1C 2009 Misawa 1957
WISELEY, Jack CMSgt 2002 Ret after 29 years
WISELY, Coleen "Pribil" GS 2009 Need info pls
WISHNEFSKY, Leonard A2C 1998 203X - Misawa 64-65
WITERSKI, John P. CMSgt 1997 Russian linguist asgn 41st RSM in early 50s
WITHOFF, Perry CWO 1990 Personnel expert, SS Ol'Timer from ASA in '50
WITTER, Ronald G. UNK 2011 6916 SSM, Rhein Main, 6947th SSM, MacDill, 6949th, 6990th, SAC IN, 23 years USAF service
WOEPPEL, Lewis "Lou" CMSgt 2003 2nd RSM vet; Key player implementing data automation at Hq USAFSS; Budget exp
WOJTOWICZ, Frank C. SMSgt 2003 W202X0; 32 years including WWII, Korea, Vietnam; USAFSS Ol' Timer
WOLF, Cecil B. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WOLFE, Henry D. "Hank" TSgt 1993 6924SS Da Nang 66.
WOLFGANG, William L. MSgt 2002 2nd RSM Vet. Also asgn Ashiya.
WOLINSKY, Ivan L. "Lee" LCol 1996 HoH member; ACRP,ARDF; Ops Off @ 6990th.
WOLTANSKI, Thadeus L. Col 1982 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Commander
WONDERS, Donald F. TSgt 1969 @ Eielson; killed aboard RC135 RIVET AMBER lost in Bearing Sea Crash
WOOD, Carl E. CMSgt 2006 1st Sgt/Ops Supt Danang 1965-66, also 6981st/Elmendorf
WOOD, Darrell "Woody" MSgt 2009 Asgn Misawa
WOOD, Dennis T. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WOOD, Donald H. Unk 2004 304X4 asgn Misawa 1960-62, USAFSS during Berlin Airlift, Korea, Vietnam
WOOD, George L. "Woody" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer 29290, ETO, Japan, PSR, Cmd Hq, Darmstadt, Key West.
WOOD, Harry V. Unk 1995 Asgn 2nd RSM
WOOD, Hayward A. "Jack" Sgt 2010 292X1 asgn Able Trick 2nd RSM/12th RSM 1951-52
WOOD, Joseph H. III Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WOODALL, William H. MSgt 1999 304X - Misawa 1964
WOODARD, Roger C. Jr. Unk 1993 Asgn Misawa 1970-72
WOODBURY, Elmer "Gene" Capt 2001 USAFSS Career @ Peshawar/Darmstadt/Hq USAFSS/Yokota/Wiesbaden.
WOODS, Bobby H. Unk 1997 Asgn 2nd RSM
WOOLARD, John D. Unk 1996 Asgn 2nd RSM
WOOTEN, Elbert S. "Sam" CMSgt 2009 USAFSS data proc; asgn Zweibrucken, Vailingen, Clark, Turkey, Andrews, Kelly
WORTHEN, Byron S. Maj 1980 Asgn Misawa, 6989th 1958-62
WORTMAN, Joseph "Joe" Col 2013 Ft. Meade, MD, Germany - European Security Region - 68-71, Turkey and HQ USAFSS
WRIGHT, Adolph Col 2010 Commander, 6921st/Misawa; WWII pilot
WRIGHT, Aubrey TSgt 2005 Crypto maint; long time USAFSS vet; retired from Bldg 2000
WRIGHT, Glenn E. Jr. Unk 1988 Asgn 2nd RSM
WRIGHT, Jack Unk Unk Asgn 6922nd/Philippines
WRIGHT, James D. Unk 19?? SS ACRP linguist @ Rhein-Main AB, Ger 1957-59, et al
WRIGHT, Joel D. "J.D." SMSgt 2008 202X0 asgn Osan, Korea et al
WRIGHT, John E. SMSgt 2009 292X1 asgn Goodfellow, Alaska, Japan
WRIGHT, Louis "Lou" MSgt 2001 Y292XX
WRIGHT, Purl C. "Pop" SMSgt 1980 SS fm '50; WWI; WWII; 1st RSM cadre, premier planner on Cmd Staff
WRIGHT, William D. MSgt 19?? AFSS from 60's, Communicator, Cmd Hq, 6925th, Clark AFB
WUCHER, Jerome M. "Jerry" Col 2004 Asgn Vietnam, Turkey, France, Taiwan and Germany
WUTHRICH, James E. CMS/GS 2009 Cryptanalyst/Mathematician asgn NSA, Germany, Okinawa, Korea, Japan, Vietnam
WUWERT, Vince Sgt 2011 1965-68 Morse Code Op - RAF Chicksands and Ramasun Station, Thailand
WYNN, Archie E. Unk 19?? Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
YADLOSKY, Paul H. TSgt 1996 Russian Linguist; Cmd Hq, duty ETO area mostly
YANKE, Dennis F. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
YARBRO, Rex M. MSgt 2005 Asgn Misawa
YARBROUGH, Jerry D. A2C 1997 Misawa 1959
YARGER, LeRoy D. MSgt 2008 USAFSS Personnel in 1960s working 205XX assignments
YARNELL, Leonard J. Jr. unk 1976 292x, Misawa 1964-67
YATES, William Lawrence MSgt 1995 292X1 w/USAFSS 21 years, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
YESNES, Ivan Unk 2007 292 asgn Misawa 1961-62
YINGST, Glenn Unk 1996 Asgn 2nd RSM
YONKOVIG, JAMES V. Unk 2009 Asgn Misawa 202x T2 68-70
YORK, Edward J. Col 1984 USAFSS CofS for LGen Coira 1965; 1 of Doolittle's Raiders; Olmos Park City Mgr
YORK, William L. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
YOUNG, Isaac V. MSgt 2005 Morse controller asgn Elmendorf, Misawa
YOUNG, Luther R. CMSgt 1996 Career USAFSS. Asgnmts in Japan; Ops Supt in Turkey 1976/77
YOUNG, Robert "Bob" Sgt 2001 203 @ 6924th/Danang; Goodfellow
YOUNGBLOOD, Alvis "Bud" SMSgt 2003 Asgn 6987th/ShuLinKou, Hq Pac Scty Rgn, Vietnam
YOUNTS, Gordon Sgt 2012 Personnel Clerk, 2nd RSM Herzo Base and 2nd RSM Darmstadt 1947-50
ZACKER, Paul S. SMSgt 1991 6924SS Da Nang 66-67
ZAK, Joe Unk 2003 Chinese 203; Yale in 1961
ZAKREZEWSKI, Richard MSgt/GS 1997 Analyst Tech; .SS Ol'Timer; Old Crow; VFW Post 6012
ZASLOW, Milton GS 2008 Japanese/Chinese linguist; early NSA pioneer WWII, Korea, Vietnam; NSA Dep Dir
ZAUTNER, Robert O. Unk 1986 Asgn 2nd RSM
ZAVISLAK, Paul CMSgt 2006 201 asgn Zweibrucken in early 60s then to NSA for several years
ZBORIK, Ron "Z" Unk 199? Maintenance @ Yokota in 60s; 135Bs @ Omaha in 70s; Det2/E-Systems after retire
ZEINS, Joe Unk 2013 Need info please
ZELNIS, Joeseph J. Jr. UNK 2013 Misawa 67-71
ZHE, Dale R. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ZICH, ART Unk 2012 Chinese Linguist, Yale - Okinawa (USAFSS), Vietnam (War Correspondant)
ZIELINS, Bert MSgt 2004 Chief Clerk @ GAFB Printer School; Admin @ ESR (1960s), PSR (70s); 1st Sgt 6960
ZIMBLER, Clifford L. Unk 1993 Asgn 2nd RSM
ZIMMERMAN, Wallace L. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ZIMMERMAN, William B. Unk 1999 Asgn 2nd RSM
ZOLL, Harold G. "Hal" Unk 2008 Finance asgn Misawa 1961-63
ZOLLAR, Lee K. Unk 2006 202X0 asgn Misawa 1963-
ZONGILA, William S. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ZORNES, John H. A2C 1991 202x, Misawa 1962
ZUMWALT, William B. A1C 2003 Misawa, 1955
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