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Fallen Eagles - C - E

This list was originally compiled by CMSgt Bob Jones. He started creating this list long before computers came into daily use. Kirk Carpenter took over the list, organized it and put into a database. Kirk continued to maintain the list until Ted Colquhoun assumed the duties in February of 2011. Please contact Ted by clicking here with suggested changes, additions or deletions. Please also remember that Ted is doing this as a volunteer and we cannot and do not assume this list is complete or accurate, neither should you. It is only as good as the inputs received. As we receive updates from Ted, we will post them as a benefit to the members, keeping in mind the above caveat.
File last updated: March 1, 2014 8:31:23 AM CST
Fallen Eagles - Master List, C to E
CACCAVO, Edward S. MSgt 1990 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Sq Photographer; USAF 28 years
CACIOPPO, Anthony J. GS 1996 EW expert; EW R & D
CAFFEY, Phillip G. A1C 2003 Misawa 1957
CAGLE, James "Jim" LCol 1987 USAFSS Ol'Timer; Admin; Cmdr 6900 Spt Sqdn, Fkft, Ger
CAHALANE, George R. A2C 2011 292x, Misawa 1960
CAIN, Charles Lee MSgt 1986 Need info please
CAIN, Larney W. SMSgt 2003 Russian 203 asgn Berlin early 70s. SNCO Academy instructor.
CALE, Richard R. Unk 19?? Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
CALKINS, Richard M. "Dick" CMSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol'Timer, Brooks, Bremerhaven, et al
CALLENDER, Harry J MSgt 1965 202 at Misawa, Goodfellow
CALLOWAY, Billy J (BJ) SMSgt 2011 Enlisted '49, USAFSS 202/201, Brooks Filed '49, RAF Chicksand 51-54, Zweibrucken, HQ USAFSS - 70's
CALMA, Frank B. A1C 2007 Misawa 1955
CALVO, Manuel S. Sr. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CAMERON, ALLEN W. A2C 2008 Misawa 67-
CAMPBELL, Carl E. "Scotty" TSgt 2006 Asgn Shu Lin Kou, NSA, Hq PACAF
CAMPBELL, Chester J. MSgt 1998 USAFSS Ol'Timer; Airborne Maint Tech; HQ, 6988; 6949; Ret 1972
CAMPBELL, Rodger Unk 2006 Russian linguist; asgn Rhein Main
CAMPBELL, William N Unk 2007 USAFSS vet
CANAVAN, John E. CMSgt Unk R20290, S&W Supvr; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
CANAVAN, Robert "Bob" MSgt 2005 Russian linguist asgn Rhein-Main, Kadena, Wakkanai, Goodfellow, AFSCC
CANFIELD, Leslie L. CWO2 1992 Asgn 10th RSM during the 50s; Bataan Death March survivor
CANNARIATO, Thomas P. (Tom/Cadillac) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CANNINGTON, James W. Jr. Unk 1998 732XX Asgn Misawa 70
CANTRELL, William Unk Unk Asgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
CANUPP, Marvin S., Jr TSgt 2000 USAFSS 1964-'84, Morse Opr, Supv, San Vito, et al; avid golfer
CARAWAY, Charles R. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CARD, Mace A Unk 2010 292X - Misawa 1962
CARDEN, Jesse B. MSgt 2010 NCOIC Criticom Maint on the Hill @ Misawa
CARDONITA, Dominick (Dom) CMSgt 2012 Public Affairs - Acitive Duty and Civil Servant - ESC 85-95, Randolph AFB, Lackland AFB, Phu Cat Ab, Vietnam, Nakhom Phanom Royal Thai Air Base, Ramstein and Wiesbaden, Germany
CAREY, John J. Col 2012 Cmdr 6981st, Elmendorf, Alaska
CAREY, Russell J., Jr Col 1999 WWII /Viet Nam bomber pilot; numerous non-rated jobs in SS; Mason, Shriner, Daedalian
CARIGNAN, Hubert W. Unk 1999 203 asgn Misawa 1962
CARLILE, Earle D. CMSgt 1997 29290; USAFSS Ol'Timer fm 1950; H of H member in '88; 33 degree Masons/Shriner
CARLILE, Herman "Jerry" LCol 1996 Ops Off; WWII ftr pilot, spec opns Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia
CARLSON, Philip D. "Phil" Col 2006 DCS/Plans & Ops @ Hq USAFSS; asgn PSR/Wheeler, HI, Det 2, 6994, Pleiku, VN
CARMICHAEL, Clyde Sylvester Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CARNAHAN, Boyd I. SMSgt 1978 29290, USAFSS O'Timer fm 50's
CARPENTER, Edward 1LT 1993 More info needed please, Cartographer WW II and Korea, Editor of Beale AFB Newspaper.
CARPENTER, Floyd T. A2C 2009 292x2 in Shiroi 1958
CARPENTER, Gene Unk 2004 Asgn Shemya; Keesler instructor
CARPENTER, Richard D. 1Lt Unk Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Motor Pool OIC
CARR, Joe F. Unk 2000 292 asgn Misawa 1962-64
CARRERO, Larry Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CARRIER, Herbert W. A2C 2004 702x Misawa 1962
CARRIER, Robert CMSgt 2006 Asgn Vietnam as crypto tech
CARROL, Roderick Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CARRUTHERS, ROBERT D. Unk 2000 292x Misawa 63-64
CARSON, Herbert E. A1C 1996 Misawa 1955
CARSWELL, Eugene "Walter" Unk 2008 One or original Hebrew linguists asgn 6916/Athens 1969-74
CARTER, Braxton Col 2000 USAFSS Ol'Timer; SS DCS/LG in early 70's; Ret as USSAG/7AF
CARTER, Donald W. Unk 2003 1950s vet of the 6910th.
CARTER, Marshall S. LGen 1993 Ops, Dep Dir CIA, Dir NSA '65; CS NORAD, et al
CASE, Franklin "Frank" SMSgt 1972 20290 asgn AFSCC, San Vito, NSA; CMSgt select ret; NSA civ; former Marine
CASE, William "Bill" SSgt 2004 Asgn 6921st/Misawa, Japan; 6937th/Peshawar, Pakistan (1961-65)
CASH, John R. "Johnny" SSgt 2003 292 Asgn 12th RSM/Landsberg, Germany, 1953-54. Country music legend.
CASH, Paul P. Unk 197? 202 asgn Misawa 1960
CASH, REGINALD A. A2C 1997 293x 58-59
CASTLE, Russell B. CMSgt 2006 292X1 later 202X0; msn supvr @ Landsbert, NCOIC tfc exploitation @ Danang 1970-71
CASTLEMAN, Paul MSgt 1992 Asgn Misawa
CATHCART, James R. A1C 1999 Misawa 1954
CATHEY, Hershell Unk 2006 292 asgn Korea
CATROPPO, Anthony MSgt 1999 293x1 in Shiroi 57, 6924SS Ramasun 71-72.
CAVAN, James B. LtCol 2005 Need info please
CAVENEE, Robert H. "Bob" CMSgt 2009 Asgn Vietnam, Morocco, Korea, Germany, Taiway, Japan, Philippines, Newfoundland
CAVOLAN, Eugene J. Unk 1998 AFSS Ol'timer, COMSEC was his game
CERNEY, Robert "Bob" SMSgt 1984 Admin/Comptroller, Cmd Staff; 6900 SW, Fkft, Ger in 60's
CERVIN, Kenneth R. MSgt 1996 202 @ Zweibrucken
CHAMBERS, Carlton "Carl" MSgt 2010 202X0 asgn Germany, Turkey, Italy, Taiwan, Vietnam
CHAMBERS, JOHN W. A2C 2009 Asgn Misawa 291x 52-
CHAMBERS, Melvin Lee Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CHAMBERS, Webster Jr. Unk 1981 Asgn Misawa 1962-
CHAMBLEE, A.C. CMSgt 2010 292XX asgn 6989th, 6994th
CHAND, George E. A1C 2007 Asgn Misawa 1965-
CHANDLER, Bradley G. "Brad" Unk 2009 Russian linguist asgn Goodfellow, San Vito, NSA
CHANDLER, C. Lloyd "Zeke" Unk 2008 Russian linguist asgn Wakkanai, Johnson 1952-54
CHANG, Douglas S. Unk 1998 292x1, T3 Misawa 1968-69
CHAPITAL, Harmon "Chap" MSgt 2005 Asgn 6922nd/Philippines
CHAPMAN, Charles L. TSgt 1985 292X1 Asgn Misawa 70
CHAPMAN, William C. CMSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol'timer; ditty bopper, Alaska, AFSCC, SEA to ESC Cmdr & DirNSA
CHAPPELL, Everett W. MSgt 1977 1st Sgt 8th RSM Brooks 1949-53
CHARETTE, Joseph Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CHATLOS, Victor R. "Chat" SMSgt 2000 'Damn fine' 202 asgn CSG Ramstein, CSG Hq MAC, Misawa, Homestead
CHEESEBORO, Andrew E. MSgt 2001 Ol' Timer in USAFSS/ESC/AFIC/AIA. San Vito
CHESS, Edwin Ralph MGen 2000 USAFSS Cmd Chaplin 1960, notable WWII and career achievements
CHEVALLIER, Thomas M. MSgt/GS 2000 USAFSS Ol'Timer, WWII Vet; career finished in AFCD
CHEW, Robert S. "Bobby" SMSgt 2009 292X1 6990th original cadre; asgn Misawa, 6994th
CHIAPPINI, George P. "Chuck" GS 1998 USAFSS Ol'timer fm ASA, joined SS at Arlington Hall "49, then to Brooks AFB
CHILDRESS, Jesse unk 2012  
CHILDS, Donnie Unk 2001 Morse op asgd San Vito, Crete, Turkey, Chicksands. Quadraplegic fm swim accident
CHIPMAN, John C. "Chip" Maj 2008 Russian linguist asgn Incirlik; AECP then asgn Okinawa, Offutt, Athens, Pentagon
CHRISTEN, Roy E. A1C 1995 Misawa 1955
CHRISTENSEN, Harry Unk 2005 Need info please
CHRISTOPHER, Tony Unk 2001 Asgn Misawa in early 80s, Hq.
CHUKNICK, Merle SMSgt 1997 Operations/Msn Spt, Cmd Staff, Turkey & Japan
CHURCH, Darryl F. SMSgt 1998 Asgn Zweibrucken, Kelly
CHVOSTAL, Paul J. SSgt 1997 Misawa 1950
CICAK, Peter MSgt 2001 B24 radioman WW II. Flew the hump >100 times
CICHOCKI, Frank W. A3C 2003 702XX asgn Misawa 1952-
CIEPIELA, Wayne R. "Cip" MSgt 2003 292X2 @ Chicksands, Osan, Pensacola, Iraklion, Clark
CIOLEK, ROBERT R. Unk 1986 203 asgn Misawa 60-61
CISSELL, Ronald J. A2C 2009 292X1 asgn Misawa (1960-), Wakkanai
CLAIR, Carl F. LtCol 2008 CO of T2 Misawa 1960, Ops Off Augsburg, Chicksands 1970s, NSA 1978
CLAIRE, Johnston A. "Turk" Jr MSgt 2013 Need assignment info - EC-47, 26 year AD, 16 years civil service
CLAIRE, Johnston A. Jr. "Turk" MSgt Unk 202, 6948th ESS (M) 78-80, NCOIC - DOV, San Antonio, 6994th at NKP
CLAPP, John Unk 2006 USAFSS 1st RSM vet
CLARK, Charles, Jr "Chuck" Col 1993 Ops Off; Ret as CS AFSS
CLARK, Renona GS 1991 Secretary to Cmdr MajGen O'Shaughnessy
CLARK, Walter L. Col 2005 Served as IG; also asgn Vietnam, Bitburg, TX, AK, CA, MA
CLARY, Robert L. "Bob" SMSgt 1999 292 @ Elmendorf, Darmstadt, Chicksands, Seoul, Kelly, Goodfellow, NSA
CLAUS, Warren G. MSgt 1994 Comm; USAFSS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, 6970, Crete, Taipei, Taiwan, Chicksands
CLAXTON, Nolan V. CMSgt 1992 asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 28 years; buried Nat Cemetary Sante Fe
CLEGG, John C. III Sgt 2000 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
CLEMENS, Gerald L. Sgt 2004 202X0 Asgn Misawa 70
CLEMONS, Ray Unk 2006 Asgn Misawa 1953-55
CLEVER, Louis J. TSgt 1969 EC-47 Morse Intcpt Supervisor killed during combat mission over Laos
CLIANG, Marcel H Unk 2009 Need info pls
CLINE, Robert "Bob" CMSgt 2003 Ops Supt @ Brady/66-68; Osan/70-72. 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Far East icon & great story teller.
COACHMAN, William H. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COAKLEY, Richard A. Unk 2010 35 yrs in USAFSS; need addl info pls
COBB, Billy Unk 2011 Morse Intercept Op, 3rd RSM, Naknek Alaska, 1952-53, NSA 1954
COBBLE, James H. MSgt 2010 30 yrs service, 6952nd Kirknewton 1959-1962
COBBLE, James P. "Jim" MSgt 1991 202 asgn Elmendorf, 6924th, 6950th, 6952nd.
COCCUS, Jerry T. Unk 2003 771XX asgn Misawa 1955-
COCHRAN, Archie L. SSgt 2002 202X0/Analyst asgn 41st RSM/6913th (Bremerhaven)
COCHRAN, David H. Unk 2005 202 asgn Samsun as msn supvr
COCKMAN, Frederick LtCol 2009 Asgn Zweibrucken 1965-68, Danang early 70s, Turkey, Philippines
COFFIELD, Leland R. Unk 1989 Need info please
COFFIN, Allan H. UNK 1971 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 66-67
COFFLAND, Lewis F. "Lou" CMSgt/GS 199? Ol'Timer 202XX; Analyst; retired out of AFSCC
COFFMAN, Alton B. Unk 1996 Security Police asgn Misawa 1951-
COGGESHALL, Kenneth W. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COIRA, Louis E. MGen 2009 Commander Hq USAFSS; Vice Commander 5th AF
COLE, Dennis B. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COLEY, Donald D. "Bob" MSgt 1998 202XX; AFEWC when retired
COLFER, Joseph B. Maj 2007 1st RSM, Misawa 1954
COLGAN, Delwin E Unk 2001 Assigned Misawa
COLLIER, Claude R. Unk 1982 SS Ol'Timer; Morse Intcpt Opr; Brooks AFB; 41st RSM Bremerhaven, Ger 1952-54
COLLIER, John A. "Jack" TSgt 2007 USAF Security Policeman asgn Japan, Turkey, England, Vietnam
COLLINS, B.D. GS 1989 Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, AFSCC, et al
COLLINS, Lillian (Pinkie) GS 2011 Civilian Security Specialist - 30 year service with USAFSS
COLLINS, Paul E. Unk 2006 Asgn Misawa 1953-
COLTMAN, Bill Col 1974 6901st SAWD. F-111 crash.
COLWELL, Leonard E. MSgt 2000 SS Ol'timer from '50's, 304XX maint, Turkey, Alaska, San Angelo, Thailand, NSA, et al
COMBS, Orbin B. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COMEAUX, Paul C. Unk 1991 Need info please
COMER, Lloyd Clarence MSgt Unk 7011th PPS, Brenehaven
COMES, Thomas E. Jr. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COMMER, Ilah M. (Peewee/Pete) Unk 2009 USAFSS 1951-55, Radio Mechanic (A Trick), 41st RSM, Bremerhaven
COMPHER, Franklin E TSgt/GS 2005 Asgn Nha Trang/EC-47s, Offutt/RC-135s. Shot down in SEA. 20-yr NSA civ
COMPTON, Charles R. "Charlie" GS 2003 Russian linguist/analyst asgn Bremerhaven, Wakkanai. 30 years with NSA.
CONDON, William J. GS 1986 Need info please
CONLIN, John C. LCol 1986 Need info please
CONN, Worth R. Unk 2007 203X1 asgn Misawa 1968-
CONNELL, Don Unk 2005 AMT asgn Rhein Main, Korea, Vietnam. E-Sys/L-3 Director Testing Dept
CONNER, Michael R SSgt 1970 ARDF opr killed in EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
CONNER, William F. Amn 1956 ACRP/Chinese linguist; killed in accidental shooting @ Yokota AB, Japan
CONNORS, Henry N. "Hank" CMSgt 2009 Chinese linguist; grnd/abrn asgn Kadena; Combat Apple AMS; PYDO, 6987th, 6924th, HQ ESC/DOFA in 1983
CONSOLVER, Sherman "Tank" Sgt 1969 Opr/ASRP @ Eielsen; killed aboard RC135 RIVET AMBER lost in Bearing Sea crash
CONTOS, Constantin E. Unk 1999 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Chinese linguist
CONTRARES, Manuel Unk Unk Asgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
CONYNE, Reed C. Jr MSgt 1998 USAFSS Ol'timer; Army Sig Corp into SS in Masawa, Germany & Cmd Hq
CONYNE, Reed C. Jr. TSgt 1998 Asgn Misawa 1963
COOK, Bobby G. Unk 1994 Electronic Maint
COOK, Jack D. Jr Unk 2011 292X T2 1978-1980
COOK, James E. "Jim" CMSgt 2006 205 asgn Wakkanai, Hof, Taiwan, Hawaii, Eileson, Ft Meade, Hq USAFSS
COOK, Oren E. (Gene) CMSgt 2011 Instructor - Goodfellow AFB, Europe and Far East tours
COOKE, Norman D. SSgt 2004 6990 ABS San Antonio
COOKSEY, Sammy D. Unk 2003 Asgn 6924th/Danang & Ramasun 1968-69.
COONEY, Jack B. Col 1985 Opns Staff Officer
COOPER, Ed "Coop" Unk 2003 TA section worker
COOPER, John J. Unk 2004 Comm Center asgn Misawa 1967-72
COOPER, Phyllis GS-13 2011 Computer programmer 1965-1980 USAFSS and 1980-2002 ESC, AFIC, AIA
COOPER, Thomas P. "Hank" ' CMSgt 2001 USAFSS Ol'timer, dittieboper, 41st RSM(6913), Cmd Hq(DO) in DOC Comm, et al
COOPER, WOODROW H. Unk 1997 771 SP asgn Misawa 1960-
COPAS, RICHARD W. Unk 2003 293 asgn Misawa 1958-
COPITHORNE, Walter R. Unk 2000 Asgn Anchorage in early 60s
COPLEY, Carmen C. CMSgt 1976 USAFSS Ol'Timer, WWII Rad Opr, 29290, Pacific, Germany, Cmd Hq, et al
CORBETT, Brooks SSgt 2008 207X1 asgn 6981st/381st/Elmendorf AK until 1996 then Korean & NSA
CORBIN, Norman T. A3C 2000 293X - Misawa 1952
CORCORAN, Leonard T. CMSgt 2003 USAFSS 28 years (Chicksands 50s/60s/70s) & NSA 15 years; retired 1998.
CORK, Robert W. Unk 2010 293XX asgn Misawa 1952-54
CORMIER, Donald Unk 2003 Need info please
CORNEIL, Bernard A. Jr A1C 2004 293x1 in Shiroi 1957
CORNELL, Gordon "Gordie" SMSgtr 2009 Hq USAFSS/ESC briefer, staff & Dir/Education at NCO Leadership School, Goodfellow
CORNETTE, Earl M. Col 1998 33-yrs AF; WW-II; Korean Conflict; Vietnam
CORNMAN, James David Unk 2012 Avionics Tech - need more information
CORNOYER, Chester C. CMSgt 1985 Need info please
CORREA, Leroy E. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CORSBIE, Danny G. Unk 2002 USAFSS 6913th vet as 292 in late 50s. Active in unit athletics (basketball/baseball).
COTE, Robert A. "Bob" TSgt 2000 292 asgn 6910th, 6911th, 6927th, 6947th. Ret 1969.
COTTERAL, George M. Unk 2003 Asgn 2nd RSM
COTTON, Jerome Unk 197X AMT asgn 6916/Rhein Main, Offutt
COTTON, John J. A1C 1984 Misawa 1954
COTTON, Larry Walter A2C 1991 292x, Misawa 1960
COURVILLE, Anthony W. SMSgt 2006 292X1 asgn Kirknewton 1958, Misawa 1972; San Angelo vet counsellor
COUVION, Roy CMSgt 2002 Ground maint radio tech asgd Elmendorf, Taipei, Crete (72-73)
COVER, Oliver J. Maj 1995 Opns Admin; Cmd DCS/P&P, 23-yrs USAFSS & NSA
COVINGTON, Hugh L. Unk 2004 202x, Misawa 1963-65
COWEN, Gordon M. A1C 1991 Misawa 1955
COX, Bobby D. SSgt 1985 Asgn Misawa 1974-
COX, Delbert S. SMSgt 2005 6944th/49th Admin Svcs chief (70s/80s)
COX, John Unk Unk Russian linguist asgn Alaska
COZLICK, Jerry Unk 2012 AMS - need more information
CRABB, Dale SSgt 1972 Asgn Misawa 1960-
CRABB, Robert C. Unk 1998 766X/293X - Misawa 50-53
CRAGER, Leonard R. SMSgt/GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer; ESC as Civ; duty in Germany, Philippines, Alaska; earned MMS @ TAM
CRAIG, Clifford Unk 2008 Need info pls
CRAIG, Mary Ann GS 1994 USAFSS Ol'Timer; Cmd Ops Staff, ; NSAEUR
CRALLEY, Gary O. B. TSgt 2002 6910 SG
CRALLEY, Gary OB Sr. TSgt 2002 Asgn Misawa
CRANDALL, Charles Phillip Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CRANFORD, Hugh V. Unk 2000 292X1 asgn Misawa 1963-
CRANFORD, MANER L. A1C 1995 292x2 Misawa 69-70
CRAWFORD, Clarence E. SSgt 1994 Asgn Misawa 70
CRAWFORD, John Unk 2007 Morse op asgn Det 3, 3rd RSM, Naknek, Alaska 1953-54
CRAWFORD, Robert F. SSgt 2001 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CREDLE, Lewis, Jr. MSgt/GS 2000 292X2 asgd Germany; later civil service @ McGuire AFB NJ
CRELLIN, Leland R. "Lee" CMSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol'Timer; WWII B-17 Rad Op; SS Msn Supt; Pacific, Goodfellow, NSA, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, et al
CRESPO, Valente AlC 1985 Need info please
CRESSMAN, Peter R. Sgt 1973 ARDF Opr, killed in EC-47 "BARON-52" shot down over Laos
CREW, Benjamin F. Jr. A1C 1994 Misawa 1955
CRIPE, Robert M. Jr. Sgt 2009 Asgn 6993rd
CRISS, Robert SMSgt 2010 Asgn Ft Meade
CRITES, Alan F. Lt Col 2005 ESR C-54 Staff Pilot
CRITZER, James SSgt 19?? USAFSS Russian linguist Berlin, Wakkanai, San Vito late 50's/early 60's
CROCKETT, Edward L. TSgt 2008 Asgn Karamursel 1969-71, Blytheville AR
CROFT, William H. LtCol 2008 Hq USAFSS Dir of Admin, B-24 pilot in WWII, also asgn Goodfellow
CROISSETTE, Bartholomew SSgt 2010 Asgn Pakistan, Italy, Turkey
CROMARTIE, Joseph A. Unk 1996 292, Misawa 1961-63
CROOPER, Charles T MSgt 2005 Worked in data automation in early 60s, 6986th Scty Gp AFSC R68770
CROSS, Floyd E. Col 2002 Asgd Misawa, PacSctyRgn, Hq; ran Sys Req DCS/Plans & Programs late 60s
CROSS, Gerald L. A1C 2000 Misawa 1955
CROSS, John W. A3C 2011 292x, Misawa 1955
CROTTY, John V. A2C 2002 293x, Misawa 1953
CROUSE, Everett E. J. SMSgt 2009 292x, Misawa 1979
CROW, Thomas Unk 2004 Asgn Misawa 1964-68
CROWE, Horace A. Jr. A1C 2006 Asgn Kirknewton 1953-56
CROWLEY, Alan A1C 1985 292/207 @ Crete, Chicksands, 6984th Goodfellow
CROWLEY, James C. A1C 2011 Misawa 1966
CRUMMITT, Preston E. TSgt 1998 6986 Scty Gp, AFSC 54770A
CUETO, Casey Unk 2009 Need info pls
CULLEN, Chester M. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CUMMINGS, Anthony A. Jr. CMSgt 2001 AFIC Supt of DP at retirement
CUMMINGS, John A. Unk 1952 1st Sgt asgn Misawa
CUMMINS, Grayson L. LCol 2003 CC @ Shemya; USAFSS Personnel; USAFSS Operations in 1950s
CUNNINGHAM, Harry G. SSgt 2007 292/202 asgn Libya, Greenland, AFSCC, Hq USAFSS; served 1953-61
CUOZZO, Alfonse J. unk 2012 293x, T1, Misawa 1956-58
CUPPLES, Jack Unk 2003 Worked in intelligence section.
CURBELO, Robert Unk 2011 6949th ESS/ESC (Able flight) 208
CURRAN, Robert J. CMSgt 1986 Ol'Timer; 202XX, 6989th RSM, et al
CURRY, Frank D. III "Doug" Sgt 2006 293X2 asgn 2nd RSM
CURRY, Robert "Bob" CMSgt 19?? Ol'Timer from 50's; 20290; worked for then Capt O'Shanasshey
CURTIS, Stephen C. SSgt 1989 Asgn Misawa 70
CUSHMAN, Russell B. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DALE, Dennis R. SSgt 1975 Asgn Misawa 1974-
DALEBOUT, Carl Unk 2004 Asgn Misawa 1953
DALEY, John Andres Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DALEY, Richard E. Sgt 1991 292X 1957-
DALTON, Francis J. (Frank) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DALUZ, Antonio V. Jr. "Tony" Major 1982 ACRP; Russ ling @ Darmstadt in 50's; Yokota & Rhein-Main in 60's; NCO/Off AMS.
DALY, John F. III Unk 2002 Poss C/W Op asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
DAMAINI, John P. SMSgt 1990 29290; USAFSS Ol'Timer; Cmd P&P Staff when retired
DAMBRAUSKAS, Francis A. Sgt 1990 292X2, 1969-
DANFORTH, Charles E. Jr CMSgt 1996 29290; SS Ol'Timer fm '50's; Korea, Crete, Vietnam, Phillipines, Scotland, Oki, Alaska
DANIEL, Jackie (Jack) G. Unk 1996 Service 1954-1964 - need more info please
DANIEL, Jackie G. SSgt 1996 202x, Misawa 1960
DANIEL, Jackie Glen "Jack" SSgt 1996 202 - Charlie Flight - Misawa
DANIEL, Samuel Edward SSgt 2012 3rd RSM, Naknek, Alaska - 53-54 (Svc Dates 52-56) Morse Intercept Operator (part-time job - Barber for those assigned to unit)
DANIELLO, William J. MSgt 2005 1953- (need more info)
DANIELS, Charles E. Sr. Unk 2007 WWII and Vietnam vet
DANIELS, Robert TSgt 1988 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DANIELS, William N. "Billy" CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'timer, HOH in '98, Russ/Vietnamese linguist, HQ, PSR, Germany, Italy, et al.
DANNER, Walter R. "Ray" SMSgt 2005 A205 asgn Hq USAFSS, Mildenhall, Offutt; also worked @ E-Systems
D'APOLITO, Daniel N. "Dap" CMSgt 2011 30 year USAF Security Service Veteran. More information will be posted when received
D'ARCY, Charles E. CMSgt 2000 SS Ol'timer from 50's; WWII vet; German POW, Rad Opr; 29290 & sports lover
DARK, Eugene F. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DARK, Hudson unk 2011 6937th Comm, Peshawar, Pakistan 1960-61 29251 on Charlie flight, RAF Kirknewton, mid-1960's
DARNELL, William L. Col/GS 2000 SS Ol'Timer fm '51 to '69, Elec Engineer, WWII pilot; Masonic Ord, Kisanis, et al
DARR, Charles S. MSgt 1996 1st Sgt; COMSEC
DARR, Nicholas "Nick" Unk 2009 Linguist asgn Korea; need addl info pls
DAVENPORT, Bill Unk 1956 6952 RSM, Kirknewton Soctland
DAVENPORT, Henry MSgt 2004 USAFSS Founder; one of original cryptanalysts; asgn Brooks, Kelly, Turkey, NSA
DAVENPORT, Raymond E. A1C 2002 202 asgn Chicksands (late 50s), AFSCC; basketball player
DAVEY, Ronald "Combat Ron" CMSgt 1990 Ol'Timer, 203XX; 6988th, 6989th, 6990th, Senior Enl Adv PACSECRGN, et al
DAVID, Luther M.,Jr CMSgt 1995 Opns; Cmd NCO of Yr '68; England, Crete, Vietnam
DAVIDSON, Carl M. Unk 1992 Need info please
DAVIDSON, John W. Jr. MSgt 2010 202X0 asgn Hakata 1967-69, Korea, NSA
DAVIES, Lawrence J. "JD" GS 2008 USAFSS Chinese linguist from 1956-80 then Chinese linguist w/NSA for 20 years
DAVIS, Alton D. Unk 2007 Morse op asgn USAFSS, NSA, Menwith Hill Station
DAVIS, Bobby R. TSgt 1956 USAFSS Ol'Timer, ACRP,linguist, Yokota AB, lost on RB-50 msn 9-10-56
DAVIS, Charles E. SMSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol'Timer, Dittie-Bopper from Brooks in 50's;Chicksands, Cmd Hq, et al
DAVIS, Charles K. "CK" MSgt 1979 A20771 at Osan, Yokota, Kadena
DAVIS, Clayton Capt 2010 Russian linguist asgn NSA
DAVIS, Curtis W. (Curt) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DAVIS, Gerald C. TSgt 2001 USAFSS 292/207 then 702. Ret @ 6960th Orderly Room
DAVIS, Harold L. TSgt 1994 Asgn Misawa 1974-
DAVIS, James L. TSgt 2002 292 and Misawa NCO Club manager.
DAVIS, Jefferson TSgt 2002 Crypto maint asgd 6989th 1968-70.
DAVIS, Karen (Demarco) TSgt 1987 207X1 @ Chicksands (1974) and San Vito; '86 NCO of Year @ San Vito
DAVIS, Kenneth L. SSgt 1999 6924SS Ramasun 71-72.
DAVIS, Laten R. TSgt 1984 Asgn Misawa 1964-
DAVIS, Lincoln L. "Linc" SMSgt 1991 R01090; First Sergeant; 6924SS Da Nang 67-68, 70.
DAVIS, MAHLON F. A2C 2004 Misawa 56-
DAVIS, Michael B. Sgt 2003 702 Asgn Misawa 70
DAVIS, Rollin "Barney" MSgt 2011 ELINTer - HQ, European Security Region (1965) more info need please
DAVIS, Shelton O. Jr. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DAWSON, Kim SrA 2011 6931st, Crete 75-77, 202X0
DAY, Dwight H. CMSgt 1995 29290 SS Ol'Timer fm '50; 40 yrs combined svc; H of H in '96
DAYS, Robert B. PFC 1985 Misawa 1950
DEAL, William C. (Bill) Unk 2013 USAFSS - Pakistan, Turkey, England, HQ USAFSS
DEAN, Joseph L. CMSgt 1996 Russian Linguist @ 6988th in 60s. Premier linguist H of H member '97
DEARBORN, Robert F. II Unk 1999 292 asgn Misawa T3 1963-65
DEAS, Bobbie L. MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer/ 1957-78, Pacific, distinguished Airborne Opns ETO PTO, SEA, etc.
DEATHRIAGE, JOHNNY D. A3C 2001 293x Misawa 1958
DEAVER, John S. "Big John" SMSgt 2006 HoH Honoree; Abrn Maint Chief; long-time flyer
DECKER, George H. Unk UNK 293x, Misawa 59-61
DECKER, Phillip "Phil" Unk 2008 292X1 asgn 6921st/Misawa 1962-64, 6924th/Danang 1964-65
DECONING, Al A1c 2005 Crypto asgn 6987/Shu Lin Kou (1958), Kelly
DEDOMING, FREDERICK H. A2C 2001 Misawa 57-
DEELY, Walter G. GS 1989 Senior cryptologic executive and office chief at NSA
DEETS, Bernard W. "Bernie" MSgt 2002 294/205 Asgn 6912/Elint Section 1971-75; Hill AFB, UT
DEETS, George E. TSgt 2005 WWII vet flew in China, Burma, India
DeFILY, Ophelia "Myrt" GS 1998 GS Civ Ol'timer, most well-known for her bowling skills; SA 600 Club; WIBC 700 Club; et al
DeGUILIO, Charles L. (Charlie) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DEIHL, DAVID A. TSgt 2009 202x Misawa 69-
DEJULIA, Dominic J. Cpl 1987 293XX - Misaw 1951
DeLABAR, James S. "Jim" MSgt 2006 Asgn USAFSS, Turkey, Berlin, San Vito, San Angelo
DELANEY, Francis E. "Frank" Maj 2005 Served his final 9 yrs active with USAFSS; asgn Clark, Hickam, Mass
DELASANTOS, Sabas SSgt Unk 3rd RSM
DeLASHMIT, William E Unk 2001 Bulgarian linguist & analyst @ Karamursel, NSA. Then career in real estate.
DeLAUIS, Constance "Connie" GS 1999 Civ Ol'Timer, Pers Dir Sec Dir for AFSS/ESC; retired '87 w/30-yrs svc
DeLAUIS, Francis S. GS/MSgt 2003 Hq USAFSS TS Control; 30 years w/SS
DeLEO, Amil Unk 2004 Asgn 2nd RSM
DELOTTO, Richard J. A2C 1987 292XX Misawa 1962
DEMAS, George LtCol 2005 WWII pilot; also asgn Iraklion, Crete; TX
DeMATTEO, Pete Unk 2001 6910th Gp (1950s)
DEMENT, LLoyd W. "Buzz" CMSgt 2004 202 asgn Alaska, Vietnam, Germany, NSA, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DEMERS, Robert P "Frenchy" MSgt 1986 AMS Russian/French linguist @ R/M/Scotland early 60s. Heart attack at San Antonio
DENGEL, Edward H.,Jr "Ed" CMSgt 1990 Ops Supt @ R/M, Omaha.
DENMARK, Jerry C. "Clinton" Unk 1985 292x, Misawa 1966
DENNEY, William E. "Bill" SMSgt 2007 Asgn Hq USAFSS/Comptroller-Budget during 1960s-70s
DENNY, James E. TSgt 2009 European Theater
DENTON, Frederick G. A2C 2011 Misawa 1956
DePUY, Cornelius Jr. (Curly) MSgt 2003 Asgn Misawa, Scotland, Turkey, San Vito, Philippines, Okinawa, Kelly, Vietnam.
DERKS, Cletus Gregory (Duke) Unk 2010 USAFSS 1958-65, 6930th RSM, Iraklion, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven - radio printer Intercept Op
DeROUSSE, Vernon C. MSgt 2003 WWII vet; weather cryptologist; NCOIC W201 school @ GAFB
DEUEL, Lloyd E. Sr. MSgt/GS 2004 WWII 1st Sgt; pioneer in using computers to make/break codes; asgn Hq USAFSS
DEVERE, John F. Unk 2002 293XX asgn Misawa 1958
DEVINE, James W. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DeVINEY MARKL, Joyce A. GS 2004 Asgn Hq USAFSS
DEW, Ken Unk 2007 Need info pls
DEWBERRY, Richard Unk 2006 2nd RSM Admin; retired USAFSS/CIA
DEWERFF, Carl E. CMSgt 1986 Comm spec asgn Sewart AFB, TN in 1960s
DIBBLE, Richard A. A2C 2004 292x, Misawa 1962
DICKEY, Ollie D. "OD" GS 1983 Deputy Public Affairs Officer @ Hq USAFSS
DICKINSON, George J. Jr. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DICKINSON, Peter Unk 1994 Asgn Misawa 1969-
DICKSON, Robert A. LCol 199? SS Ol'Timer, Cmdr 6913thRSM,Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
DiDOMINICUS, Joseph T. MSgt 2002 USAFSS COMSEC Vet; served in Navy in WWII, Korea; asgn Vietnam
DIEBERT, Kenneth C. Unk 1990 303X0 asgn Wakkanai 1957
DIEHL, Francis T. Jr. Unk 1996 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Motor pool
DIFAZIO, Pasco "Pat" CMSgt 2007 Radio op in WWII; Ops Supt at Karamursel under Col Touby
DiFEDERICO, James V. CMSgt 1997 SS Ol'timer; 29 1/2-yrs SS CMSgt; 11-yrs Civ.
DIGGS, Wilbert Unk 2007 Asgn Misawa 1974
DILLINGER, Donald J. SSgt 2010 304XX asgn Misawa 1970-
DILLINGHAM, James H. Jr. SMSgt 2003 294/205 asgn Kadena/Offutt/NORAD/Compass Call (Ops Supt)
DILLON, Larry T. Sgt 2007 Chinese linguist asgn Yokota 1969-1972
DIMAMBRO, Robert A. MSgt/GS 2002 Crypto Maint manager @ AFCD/Tech Services.
DIMMICK, William K. TSgt 1993 Asgn Misawa 1965
DISBROW, Lorin C. Maj 1956 SS ACRP Cmdr ACRP unit @ Yokota, lost aboard RB-50 in SOJ Sep 56
DITORO, James "Jimmy" MSgt 2002 203/208 @ Yokota, Offutt, Osan.
DITTES, Philip A. Unk 2007 Comm Center, Misawa 1971-76
DIUSSA, Wayne H. Unk 1989 asgn Misawa T4 1966
DIXON, Harold V. (Bo) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DIXON, Richard V. MSgt 2000 SS Ol'Timer, ret 1977; non-morse Search & Dev; Cmd Hq, Turkey, Japan, Italy
DIXON, Robert Unk Unk Asgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
DOANE, Wayne A. "Jim" GS 2004 AFSCC then NSA
DOBBERTEAN, Neal W. SSgt 2005 Crypto operator asgn Bremerhaven 1951-55
DOBBING, Thomas A3C 1994 292x1 Misawa 1958
DOBBINS, Robert H. MSgt 2009 AMT asgn Yokota, Kadena, Offutt, Wright-Patt
DODD, William J. "Bill" LCol 1993 Ops Off; WWII - China, Burma, India; Cmdr Adak, Ak; Vietnam; DIA Staff
DODGE, Marshall H. SMSgt 2007 COMSEC 202 asgn Libya, Kadena, Vietnam, Chicksands, Darmstadt; 28 yrs w/USAFSS
DODRILL, James R. A3C 2001 SP asgn Misawa 1952-
DOERNER, John R. "Bobby" Unk 2008 292X1 asgn Augsburg, Germany; Karamursel, Turkey in mid-seventies
DOERR, Paul "PT" Unk 2007 Chinese linguist asgn Taiwan, Thailand, Yokota, Goodfellow
DOIRON, Robert T. MSgt 2003 Crypto maint supvr @ Bremerhaven late 50s
DOLLINGER, Charles M A1C 2002 Misawa - 1953
DOMINGUE, Gilbert J. Unk 2004 USAFSS, 6911 RGM Vet
DOMMISSE, Carlton W. "Cully" MSgt 2002 Chinese/Vietnamese linguist RC-135/130s @ Kadena, Cam Ranh Bay, Brady, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DONAHEY, Homer D. CMSgt 2002 304XX asgn Misawa 1960-63
DONALD, Philip M. A2C 1988 292x, Misawa 1962
DONNELL, Joe Unk 2001 41st RSM/6913RSM USAFSS Vet 292.
DONNELLY, Mike CMSgt 1994 Asgn Wiesbaden; need addl info pls
DONOHUE, Ottis G. Unk 1990 202X0 asgn Misawa 1964-65
DONOVAN, Robert J "Bob" Unk 2006 Asgn 2nd RSM
DOONAN, John A. Col 2002 Reverend/Chaplain; USAF ret after 30 years
DORAN, Harry L. MSgt 1990 1962-1964 NCOIC/Asst NCOIC Supply of the 6985 SS (?B-24 Nav, WWII POW?)
DORAN, James T. "Jim" LCol 1979 AC&W to SS ELINT/EW; Tripoli, 6900SW, Cmd ELINT Staff
DORAN, Leo J. Jr. Unk 1990 TUSLOG Det 94 in the early 70's - 202
D'ORANGE, Desire L. Jr. "Dutch" CMSgt 2006 202 "for life"; Danang, Vietnam, asgn Crete, MT/Augsburg, last asgn Chief EESD in late 80s
DORHAM, John L. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DORSCHER, Barry TSgt 2004 Korean linguist asgn Osan, Seoul, Ft Meade
DORSEY, CALVIN S. Unk 2009 293x T2 Misawa 57-58
DORSEY, James V. Jr. (Dot) SSgt 1969 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, ARDF Opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
DOTSON, Paul CMSgt 2003 Mostly COMSEC @ USAFSS, Germany, Japan
DOTY, Jon M. "Mike" MSgt 2008 AMS/A203 Chinese/Vietnamese asgn AFSCC, 6988th/Yokota, 6990th/Okinawa
DOUGHTY, Charles R. CMSgt 2007 36 yrs fed svc with 21 active duty, 15 civil service on Security Hill
DOUGLAS, Jack D. GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer; 21 yrs mil & 28 years CSvc; 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason & Alzafar Shriner
DOUGLAS, William Jr. CMSgt 1995 Russian linguist; BBall player Hq & 6950; Eileson in 60s
DOW, Lloyd E. Maj 1989 Ops Officer; SS O'Timer; OIC Compartmented Projects
DOW, Robert E. A1C 2011 6922 Scty Sq, Clark AB, PI and TDY at 6988 Scty Sq Yokota AB, Japan 1966 - 1968
DOWLING, John J. MSgt 1994 Asst NCOIC Comm Ctr @ Rhein Main in mid-60s
DOWNSLAND, David G. TSgt 2007 304XX Asgn Misawa 70
DRAKE, Harry F. CMSgt 2000 NCOIC Msn Control/Col Mason troubleshooter; asgn Peshawar 62-64
DRAKE, Marvin "Marv" SMSgt 1997 Asgn Turkey, Thailand, Goodfellow, Hq USAFSS
DUBAY, Galen D. (Gulley) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DUBOIS, Arthur E CMSgt 1990 29290; SS Ol'Timer; Tripoli, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Korea, Hawaii
DUBOSE, Clayton GS 2009 Asgn USAFSS as military & civilian
DUBUQUE, Dale H. Unk 1991 203 asgn Misawa 1957-59
DUCHENEAUX, Darrel P. SSgt 1993 622x, Misawa 1955
DUFFIELD, Verle D. "Duffy" CMSgt 2005 ESC career asgn Chicksands, Zweibrucken, Brindisi, Iraklion, Osan, SA, Ft Meade
DUFFY, William F. "Doc" A2C 1984 292 Asgn 6989 RSM 1957-59.
DUFFY, William M. (Bill) Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DUFOUR, James E. MSgt 2002 Asgd Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, Greece, Kelly.
DUGAN, Timothy SSgt 2010 20371/20870 - MB, Yale IFEL, Taiwan, Vietnam 63-64, over 15 years svc
DUGGER, Charles E. "Chuck" SSgt 2002 203 Russian assigned Bremerhaven.
DUKE, Charles GS 2004 Need info please
DUKE, Willie B. Unk 2008 2nd RSM vet
DULONG, Louis J. "Uncle Louie" MSgt 197? SS Ol'Timer, ACRP @ Rhein-Main/Incirlik in 60's; USAFE golf champ
DUNBAR, Horace E. "Ted" SSgt 2004 Early abrn op @ 6916th/Rhein Main AB, Germany in late 50s; 3 years w/ASA prior
DUNCAN, James R. "Jim" Unk 2000 Morse op asgn Misawa (59-60), Scotland
DUNCAN, Jimmy Unk Unk Asgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
DUNCAN, John W. Unk 2006 USAFSS/NSA vet; backender in Vietnam
DUNCAN, Justin R. Unk 1989 Need info please
DUNCAN, Paul E. Capt 1958 SS Ol'Timer, ACRP C130 (#60528) pilot,asgd USAFE,shot down Sep 2-58.
DUNCAN, Steve UNK UNK Dogger
DUNCAN, William D. SSgt 1990 Asgn Misawa 70
DUNIVANT, Melvin A. GS 1987 Need info please
DUNKLIN, Henry Unk 2008 Chinese linguist in airborne program
DUNLAP, Ken Unk 2009 Asgn Rhein Main; need addl info pls
DUNNAGAN, Donald W. A1C 1999 Russian Linguist; Bremerhaven, first RB-50 missions @ Rhein Main in 1957
DUPERAULT, David T. Unk 2010 292X2/202X0 asgn Misawa 1962-64, 66-69, 71-73
DUPLANTIER, Renee P. "Frenchie" Unk Unk Bremerhaven until 1967. Alaska?
DUPNICK, Aloys F. "Al" Unk 1991 Need info please
DUPREE, Charles L III MSgt 1977 Vietnam, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DUPUY, John P. TSgt 2011 Asgn Kirknewton Scotland 1962-65, Iraklion Crete 1965-67, Goodfellow 1967-68
DURANT, Ronald C. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DURDEN, Maury E. MSgt 2001 Asgn to Osan, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, and various AFSSOs around the world
DURNIN, James N. TSgt 2006 202 asgn Wakkanai, Hq USAFSS; 68770 Hdqtrs; Army Warrant Officer in France
DURNWALD, Robert Unk 2000 Abrn Maint Tech asgn 6988/Yokota, 6990/Kadena, Hq USAFSS
DUTTON, Robert "Bob" TSgt 2005 292X1 asgn Yokota flying RB-50s/C-130BII, Okinawa, Germany, Offutt, Eielson
DWORZACK, Leonard F. Unk 1998 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
DYCHES, M. Sam CMSgt/GS 2002 Asgn Hq USAFSS/LG.
DYER, DANIEL R. Unk 2008 202X0 asgn Misawa 1963-65, Danang 1965-66
DZOBA, Michael L. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
EADS, James W. Unk 197? 29XXX asgn Shiroi 1958, 6902nd/Kadena, Hq USAFSS/Plans
EAGLE, Wayne A. MSgt 1979 202 asgn NSA
EASTERLING, Douglas R. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
EATON, Edwin L. TSgt 1977 702XX Asgn Misawa 70-71
EATON, Melville "Bo" Col 2005 USAFSS Airborne Engineering in 1960s
EATON, Ross GS 1994 32 yrs service with SS,ESC,AFIC; specialty unk
EATON, William Unk 2008 One of original FLR-9ers at Chicksands 1963-67
EBERSOLE, Richard D. "Dick" Unk 2009 Asgn USAFSS units in Danang, Vietnam, England, Greece, Taiwan
EBNER, Floyd A. Unk 1986 SS Ol'Timer '57-'81; WWII vet
EDDY, David H. Lt Col 2011 26 years USAF service - HOH - 1987 - Commander, 6994th and 6916th Security Service Squadrons, 3 Combat tours in Vietnam, NSA - Airborne Radio Direction Finding Program
EDELEN, Joseph R LtCol 2010 Dep Cmdr AFCD
EDELSON, Richard A. A2C 1985 292x1 Misawa 1959
EDEN, Donald P. Maj 199? SS Oll'Timer, Ops Off 6913thRSM, Bremerhaven, etc
EDGETT, Joe Unk 1991 Need info please
EDGREN, Robert D. Col 1975 Ops Off, Cmdr 6920 ABG
EDMONDS, John W. SMSgt 1993 Asgn Kirknewton, Scotland; Kelly AFB, TX; Danang AB, Vietnam
EDMONDS, Robert E. TSgt 2002 Asgn Germany, USAFSS. Senior partner in Topeka law firm.
EDMONSON, Stanley C. Capt 2001 Comptrollers Office @ HQ USAFSS.
EDMUNDSON, Roy MSgt 2006 Asgn Tripoli 1956-57, 6901st in early 60s
EDWARDS, Charles O. SMSgt 1998 Admin, SS Ol'Timer, 27-yrs; Cmd Staff, Taiwan, Vietnam, et al
EGDAHL, Lenine S. MSgt 1982 292X - Misawa 1960
EGGER, Roger Maj 2011 Need Rank - HQ USAFSS (numerous - retired as Director of Acct and Finance), Kirknewton -Scotland, Goodfellow, ESR, Ramstein - GE, Misawa - Japan
EGLOFF, Robert F.A. Maj 2006 Service in WWII, Korea, Vietnam; OSI agent; USAFSS Security
EHLINGER, Joseph W. LtCol 2005 USAFSS COMSEC vet
EICHER, Bill UNK 2011  
EICHLER, Thomas LCol/GS 2003 WWII Vet; Goodfellow historian for 22 years
EISHA, Donald E. A1C 2002 Misawa 1955
ELIA, William R. "Bill" CMSgt 2007 292 Morse Op asgn 6915th RSM/Japan, 6911th RSM, Darmstadt; SAC Abrn Cmd Post
ELIASEN, Norman GS 1991 SS Ol'Timer from Navy; Cmd P & P Staff
ELKINS, Robert J. "Bob" TSgt 2005 Russian linguist asgn Darmstadt/2nd RSM mid-50s; headed German dept @ WVA Univ
ELLER, Donald Richard Sr. MSgt 2012 202x, Misawa 1959-63, 22 years in USAF, Misawa
ELLERSON, Willard "Bill" GS 2010 DCS/National Programs at Hq ESC; Hq ESC/XRX Plans & Programs
ELLINGSON, Larry L. AB 2005 292x Misawa 1963
ELLIOT, Will J. A1C 1966 292x Misawa 1958
ELLIOTT, Donald R. SMSgt 2012 Non-morse Intercept, Goodfellow. More Information please
ELLIS, Bob Col 199? Chicksands 1960s
ELLIS, William H. A1C 1956 SS ACRP linguist @ Yokota; lost on RB-50 msn 09-10-56
ELLISON, Curtis E. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ELY, James "Jimmy" CMSgt 2006 Long time Big Safari guy
EMBRY, James C. "Jim" LCol 1995 Ops Off Cmd Staff; rated Navigator; USAFSS/XRX 1978.
EMERS, Thomas TSgt 2009 Need info pls
EMERSON, Tom Unk 2011 Russian Linguist/Cryptanalyst - 24 years AF service 1955-1979, retired from NSA in 1993
EMERY, Robert A. Unk 2001 Morse op @ Bremerhaven in late 50s.
EMERY, Steven L. Unk Unk 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
EMMETT, Bobby G. A2C 1977 292x Misawa 1960
ENDERLE, Dean "Dino" Unk 2008 Asgn Chicksands, other USAFSS sites
ENGBRETSON, Stewart "Stu" CMSgt 1996 Premier Russian linguist @ Berlin many year; into HoH 1986; Belenko debriefer.
ENGELBRECHT, John W. SSgt 2011 Enlisted 1953-57, Bremerhaven, 41st/6913th RSM, "A" Trick, DF Sites (Fassberg and Schleswig)
ENGLAND, Fred G. Jr. LCol 2001 SS Ol'Timer; WWII vet; many SS/ESC asgnments world wide/Cmd&Staff
ENGLER, Gary Maj 2011 Cmdr 6922nd Det 2, Ramasun Stn, Thailand
ENGLISH, Harold "Harry" TSgt 2004 USAFSS in early 50s; Chicksands, Misawa, Zweibrucken, Tan Son Nhut; URC-53
ENSLIN, Robert L. A1C 1993 Misawa 1955
ENSMINGER, Michael W. A1C 1971 203x Misawa 1963
EPP, Martin S. UNK 2013 Misawa 54-56
ERICKSON, John W. Unk 2002 Need info please
ERIKSEN, John G. Unk 1994 Communicator, Cmd Staff, HQ ESR, Fkft, Gr, et al
ERKINGER, Edward MSgt 1993 Operations
EROE, Paul R. PFC 1992 756V - Misawa 1949
ERWIN, Howard C. A1C 1998 Misawa 1953
ESHLEMAN, Larry J. (Eschelman ?) Maj 2008 Chinese linguist asgn Yokota, Kadena; mustang ret Major; Army civ asgn CinCPAC
ESS, Van LCol 19?? Cmd Hq Staff
ESSLINGER, Jack H. Capt 1975 Prior Chinese linguist, staff off, ordained minister, great guy. Brain tumor.
ESTABROOK, Robert R. Unk 2005 An early COMSECer
ESTERS, William D. Capt 2007 202X0 analyst asgn Arlington Hall, Bremerhaven, Rhein Main, Darmstadt in 1950s
ETHEN, Dennis Unk 2002 Asgd Darmstadt.
ETHRIDGE, David H. Unk 2005 USAFSS 15th RSM vet
EUBANK, Charles R. Col 1993 SS OlTimer
EUBANK, Charles R. SSgt 1992 Asgn Misawa 202x 60-63
EUBANK, Grayden K. Col 2003 WWII B-26 pilot; 6937th Base Commander @ Peshawar, Pakistan; USAFSS; NSA
EUTSLER, Jimmie D. Unk 2007 292X1 Asgn Misawa/T4 1959-61
EVANS, Kelvin E. LtCol 2008 Command pilot WWII, Korea, Vietnam; USAFSS command position in Vietnam
EVANS, Phillip G. Col 1990 SS Ol'Timer; Cmd DCS/P&P
EVANS, Roger D. Unk 1996 need info pls
EVDOKIMOFF, Dimitri Col 1997 Ops Off; SS Ol'Timer fm '50; Ops Off at Chicksands, et al
EVERHART, Bruce U. Unk 2006 asgn Misawa 1960-65
EVERSOLE, Robert E. CMSgt 1998 Supply, SS Ol'timer from 50's; C46/C54 pilot Korea, retired in '67
EZELL, Winston Unk 2001 Assigned Misawa
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