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Fallen Eagles - 1995 - 1999

This list shows USAFSS/ESC/AFIC/AIA/AF ISR Agency personnel who passed away between 1995 and 1999.
If you have any suggested changes, additions or deletions to this list, please e-mail them to Ted Colquhoun by clicking here. Please also remember that Ted is doing this as a volunteer and we cannot and do not assume this list is complete or accurate, neither should you. It is only as good as the inputs received. As we receive updates from Ted, we will post them as a benefit to the members, keeping in mind the above caveat.
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Fallen Eagles - 1995 - 1999
AAKER, Tom "Nip" MSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer; Cmd Hq, 6910 Darmstadt, Landsberg, Ger, et al
ADAMS, DONN W. A2C 1999 203x Misawa 64-
ADAMS, Warren MSgt 1995 Finance; Pacific Korea, et al
ADAMS, William E. TSgt 1997 732x, Misawa 1970
ADCOCK, Gordon D. Unk 1997 303XX asgn Misawa 1957-
ADSITT, Curtis L. Unk 1996 Asgn Misawa 1957
AILEY, Raymond E. SSgt 1997 304 asgn Misawa 1958-
ALGER, Buddy C. SMSgt 1998 304XX Maint,Cmd Hq,Pac theater mostly
AMBLER, Joseph "Joe" Unk 1995 Russian linguist asgn Wakkanai, Hq USAFSS
ANDREWS, James L. SSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol Timer, Crypto; 8th RSM '49; Hq & Hq Sq '49-'50; 10th RSM, et al
ANGELO, Joseph R. MSgt 1996 USAFSS Ol'Timer Linguist; ACRP @ Rhein Main, Athens; finally NSA as Civ
ARNALL, Harold D. A2C 1996 Misawa 1962
ARSENEAUX, Bill Unk 1999 USAFSS maintenance
AUDET, Joseph R. Unk 1996 293x Misawa 1958
AVERBECK, Ronald J. unk 1995 202x, Misawa 1958
AYMOND, Herman R. A2c 1996 293x, Misawa 1957
BAGGETT, Robert R. TSgt 1998 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Mess Sergeant
BAGLEY, Robert "Bobby" Col 1997 Ops, Director Cmd Alert Ctr;X-POW 9-67 to 3/73 following shoot down of RF-101
BAHR, Robert L. "Bob" MSgt 1996 Ops, Cmd Hq & ETO area: Bremerhaven, Pakistan; Viet Nam; Goodfellow
BALLARD, Clyde Col 1995 Mgt analyst; WWII B-29 pilot; Cmd Staff; Vietnam, Italy; Ret '71, et al
BALM, Raymond R. SMSgt 1996 Comm Analyst Navy to AF '49; Cmd Staff, PAC & ETO's
BALUH, Raymond R. SMSgt 1996 Comm Analyst; Navy to AF 1949; Cmd Staff, Pacific & ETO's
BARBERINI, Joseph E. A1C 1996 293x1 in Shiroi 1957
BARJON, Sterling J. Unk 1998 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
BARKSDALE, Ira J. TSgt 1995 ASA during Korea; 202 @ Shiroi/6902nd (1958), Misawa/6921st (1958-60, 1970)
BARNES, Leroy P. A1C 1998 293x1 in Shiroi 1957
BARRETT, Fred CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer, pers/admin CMD 1st Sgt, SSFCU Gen Mgr, FTVA Past Pres, 1984 HoH
BARRICKLOW, Fred M. Col 1995 USAFSS Ol'Timer; Ops Off; Cmd Plans/Programs staff
BARTHOLOMEW, Dicky D. A1C 1999 Misawa 1955
BARTON, Lloyd CMSgt 1996 202XX, to USAFSS fm '50 @ Brooks; astute Cmd golfer; retired out of AFSCC
BAUER, William R. TSgt 1996 Asgn USAFSS
BAZEMORE, Asa M. MSgt 1999 29290; 1950 Brooks AFB Ol'timer; Cmd Hq, Hq USAF, Alaska, Special Projects, et al
BEARD, Garrold L. MSgt 1999 Asgn Misawa 1966-
BEAVERS, James "Jim" CMSgt 1997 Need info please
BEEBE, Raymond GS 1998 AFSS Ol'timer 38-yrs, Cmd Hq Reprographics; was CWO US Army Reserve
BELL, Ferris "Steve" MSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol'Timer, linguist, Germany, Pakistan, NSA, Cmd Hq
BELMONT, Donald E. "Wimpy" CWO3 1997 Linguist, USAFSS O'Timer; early linguist in ACRP Rhein Main, Ger & Yokota
BELYEU, Homer, Jr MSgt 1995 USAFSS Ops Ol'Timer; mostly in Pac area
BERRY, James F. Col 1997 69213st RGM Commander, 1960-63
BLACKBURN, Joe CMSgt 1998 USAFSS Ol'timer, 202XX and instructor; active in COMSEC
BLAIR, Robert E. TSgt 1998 207X1 asgn Chicksands (1974), San Vito
BLAKE, Gordon A. LGen 1997 USAFSSCmdr 57-59; DirNSA 62-66
BOLICK, Claude E. Jr. MSgt 1998 Polish linguist @ Rhein Main; Instructor @ Goodfellow
BOOTON, John W. MSgt 1997 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; 1st Sgt
BOPRAY, Steve MSgt 1999 Russian TAC OP, took his own life
BORDEN, Julius S. "Jim" Maj 1998 Cmd Hq, Alaska, et al
BORRIES, William "BO" MSgt 1998 USAFSS Ol'timer; A292/A207; out of 16th, 94th,49th: Rptd by SMSgt Larry Tart
BOUSQUET, Ernest V. CMSgt 1998 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
BOYER, Earl K. SMSgt 1996 USAFSS Ol'Timer, Logistics, ESC, AFIC, FTVA mbr, recruiter when deceased
BOYNTON, Bruce A. Unk 1995 Asgn Misawa 1959-63
BRADLEY, Scott R. Sgt 1996 292X1 asgn 6987th/Shu Lin Kou
BRATUSEK, George R. GS 1999 SS/ESC Ol'Timer; WWII Vet; 33-yr Logistics; Cmd Hq, AFCD
BRAUN, Mal C. A2C 1997 292x2 in Shiroi 1958
BRAUN, Serran R. Unk 1999 Duty assignments in San Antonio, San Angelo, Alaska, Pakistan, Turkey
BRAY, Carol GS 1998 Hq Publications et al, Ret at age 83; Husband was one-time lst Sgt HQ Spt Sq as MSgt
BROCK, Wanda Jane "Janie" GS 1999 USAFSS Ol'Timer of 36-years service, mostly at GoodfellowAFB,Tx
BROCKMAN, Edwin H. TSgt 1997 Asgn Misawa 1960-
BROOKENS, Sylvester E. MSgt 1996 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 24 years, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BROWN, George R. MSgt 1999 Need info please
BROWN, Hermie MSgt 1996 AFSS Russian stationed Eileson, Yokota
BROWN, James E. "Jim" SMSgt 1997 USAFSS Ol'Timer 1950-65
BROWNEWELL, John L. LCol 1996 USAFSS Ol'Timer, Cmdr 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, et al
BRUSSARD, Melvin Unk 1998 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Cook
BRYANT, Donald L. Sgt 1996 6924SS Da Nang/Monkey Mountain 71
BRYSON, Bickett C. CMSgt 1996 R29290; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
BULLARD, Steven D. MSgt 1998 USAFSS ACRP; AMT @ Eielson, Athens, COMBAT SENT @ Offutt; buried Arlington
BURKE, Gerald M. A1C 1998 Misawa 1955
BURKE, V. Marjorie "Marge" GS 1999 USAFSS Ol'Timer; 30-years with AFSS & ESC
BURTON, Vernon E. CMSgt 1997 29190; USAFSS Ol'Timer from 50's; SS Basketball coach
BUTLER, Michael W. Unk 1999 292 asgn Misawa 1964-65
BYARD, Walter E. SSgt 1996 Asgn Chicksands, Bremerhaven, San Vito, NSA in 50s and 60s.
CACIOPPO, Anthony J. GS 1996 EW expert; EW R & D
CALKINS, Richard M. "Dick" CMSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol'Timer, Brooks, Bremerhaven, et al
CAMPBELL, Chester J. MSgt 1998 USAFSS Ol'Timer; Airborne Maint Tech; HQ, 6988; 6949; Ret 1972
CANNINGTON, James W. Jr. Unk 1998 732XX Asgn Misawa 70
CAREY, Russell J., Jr Col 1999 WWII /Viet Nam bomber pilot; numerous non-rated jobs in SS; Mason, Shriner, Daedalian
CARIGNAN, Hubert W. Unk 1999 203 asgn Misawa 1962
CARLILE, Earle D. CMSgt 1997 29290; USAFSS Ol'Timer fm 1950; H of H member in '88; 33 degree Masons/Shriner
CARLILE, Herman "Jerry" LCol 1996 Ops Off; WWII ftr pilot, spec opns Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia
CARSON, Herbert E. A1C 1996 Misawa 1955
CASH, REGINALD A. A2C 1997 293x 58-59
CATHCART, James R. A1C 1999 Misawa 1954
CATROPPO, Anthony MSgt 1999 293x1 in Shiroi 57, 6924SS Ramasun 71-72.
CAVOLAN, Eugene J. Unk 1998 AFSS Ol'timer, COMSEC was his game
CERVIN, Kenneth R. MSgt 1996 202 @ Zweibrucken
CHANG, Douglas S. Unk 1998 292x1, T3 Misawa 1968-69
CHAPMAN, William C. CMSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol'timer; ditty bopper, Alaska, AFSCC, SEA to ESC Cmdr & DirNSA
CHIAPPINI, George P. "Chuck" GS 1998 USAFSS Ol'timer fm ASA, joined SS at Arlington Hall "49, then to Brooks AFB
CHRISTEN, Roy E. A1C 1995 Misawa 1955
CHUKNICK, Merle SMSgt 1997 Operations/Msn Spt, Cmd Staff, Turkey & Japan
CHURCH, Darryl F. SMSgt 1998 Asgn Zweibrucken, Kelly
CHVOSTAL, Paul J. SSgt 1997 Misawa 1950
CLARY, Robert L. "Bob" SMSgt 1999 292 @ Elmendorf, Darmstadt, Chicksands, Seoul, Kelly, Goodfellow, NSA
COFFMAN, Alton B. Unk 1996 Security Police asgn Misawa 1951-
COLEY, Donald D. "Bob" MSgt 1998 202XX; AFEWC when retired
CONTOS, Constantin E. Unk 1999 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Chinese linguist
CONYNE, Reed C. Jr MSgt 1998 USAFSS Ol'timer; Army Sig Corp into SS in Masawa, Germany & Cmd Hq
CONYNE, Reed C. Jr. TSgt 1998 Asgn Misawa 1963
COOPER, WOODROW H. Unk 1997 771 SP asgn Misawa 1960-
CORNETTE, Earl M. Col 1998 33-yrs AF; WW-II; Korean Conflict; Vietnam
COVER, Oliver J. Maj 1995 Opns Admin; Cmd DCS/P&P, 23-yrs USAFSS & NSA
CRABB, Robert C. Unk 1998 766X/293X - Misawa 50-53
CRAGER, Leonard R. SMSgt/GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer; ESC as Civ; duty in Germany, Philippines, Alaska; earned MMS @ TAM
CRANFORD, MANER L. A1C 1995 292x2 Misawa 69-70
CRELLIN, Leland R. "Lee" CMSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol'Timer; WWII B-17 Rad Op; SS Msn Supt; Pacific, Goodfellow, NSA, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, et al
CROMARTIE, Joseph A. Unk 1996 292, Misawa 1961-63
CRUMMITT, Preston E. TSgt 1998 6986 Scty Gp, AFSC 54770A
DANFORTH, Charles E. Jr CMSgt 1996 29290; SS Ol'Timer fm '50's; Korea, Crete, Vietnam, Phillipines, Scotland, Oki, Alaska
DANIEL, Jackie (Jack) G. Unk 1996 Service 1954-1964 - need more info please
DANIEL, Jackie G. SSgt 1996 202x, Misawa 1960
DANIEL, Jackie Glen "Jack" SSgt 1996 202 - Charlie Flight - Misawa
DARR, Charles S. MSgt 1996 1st Sgt; COMSEC
DAVID, Luther M.,Jr CMSgt 1995 Opns; Cmd NCO of Yr '68; England, Crete, Vietnam
DAVIS, Charles E. SMSgt 1999 USAFSS Ol'Timer, Dittie-Bopper from Brooks in 50's;Chicksands, Cmd Hq, et al
DAVIS, Kenneth L. SSgt 1999 6924SS Ramasun 71-72.
DAY, Dwight H. CMSgt 1995 29290 SS Ol'Timer fm '50; 40 yrs combined svc; H of H in '96
DEAN, Joseph L. CMSgt 1996 Russian Linguist @ 6988th in 60s. Premier linguist H of H member '97
DEARBORN, Robert F. II Unk 1999 292 asgn Misawa T3 1963-65
DEAS, Bobbie L. MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer/ 1957-78, Pacific, distinguished Airborne Opns ETO PTO, SEA, etc.
DeFILY, Ophelia "Myrt" GS 1998 GS Civ Ol'timer, most well-known for her bowling skills; SA 600 Club; WIBC 700 Club; et al
DeLAUIS, Constance "Connie" GS 1999 Civ Ol'Timer, Pers Dir Sec Dir for AFSS/ESC; retired '87 w/30-yrs svc
DIEHL, Francis T. Jr. Unk 1996 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Motor pool
DiFEDERICO, James V. CMSgt 1997 SS Ol'timer; 29 1/2-yrs SS CMSgt; 11-yrs Civ.
DOUGLAS, Jack D. GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer; 21 yrs mil & 28 years CSvc; 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason & Alzafar Shriner
DOUGLAS, William Jr. CMSgt 1995 Russian linguist; BBall player Hq & 6950; Eileson in 60s
DRAKE, Marvin "Marv" SMSgt 1997 Asgn Turkey, Thailand, Goodfellow, Hq USAFSS
DUNNAGAN, Donald W. A1C 1999 Russian Linguist; Bremerhaven, first RB-50 missions @ Rhein Main in 1957
DWORZACK, Leonard F. Unk 1998 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
EDWARDS, Charles O. SMSgt 1998 Admin, SS Ol'Timer, 27-yrs; Cmd Staff, Taiwan, Vietnam, et al
EMBRY, James C. "Jim" LCol 1995 Ops Off Cmd Staff; rated Navigator; USAFSS/XRX 1978.
ENGBRETSON, Stewart "Stu" CMSgt 1996 Premier Russian linguist @ Berlin many year; into HoH 1986; Belenko debriefer.
ERWIN, Howard C. A1C 1998 Misawa 1953
EVANS, Roger D. Unk 1996 need info pls
EVDOKIMOFF, Dimitri Col 1997 Ops Off; SS Ol'Timer fm '50; Ops Off at Chicksands, et al
EVERSOLE, Robert E. CMSgt 1998 Supply, SS Ol'timer from 50's; C46/C54 pilot Korea, retired in '67
FAIDLEY, Alan E. TSgt 1996 6990 Scty Sq - AFSC A30173
FARMER, James C. MSgt 1996 292XX, Cmd Staff, ETO, Taiwan, et al
FARRELLY, EUGENE F. A2C 1998 292x Misawa 62-63
FELCH, Carl E. A2C 1997 292XX asgn Misawa 1960-
FENDERSON, John Jr. TSgt 1995 363x, Misawa 1958
FIEDLER, Elmer M. MSgt 1996 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
FIRTH, Darryl "CB" SMSgt 1996 SS Ol'Timer ACRP/Rhein-Main, Offutt; premier gunner; wealth of target knowledge
FITZSIMONS, Joseph E. Unk 1999 292X1 asgn 41st/6913th RSM Bremerhaven 1954-56
FLATTEN, John M., Jr Col 1997 SS Ol'Timer '63; SJA
FLYNN, Doyce D. A2C 1999 292X 1962-
FOLK, Joseph R. MSgt 1996 OPSEC Program analyst; as military & Civ
FOWLER, Fred M. TSgt 1999  
FRANCIS, James A. SSgt 1997 647XX Asgn Misawa 70
FRANCOUR, Robert J. Unk 1999 2293x, Misawa 1955, AF 1954-57
FRAZER, Alexander "Sandy" III A1C 1998 R203X0-2; 6924SS Da Nang/Monkey Mountain 65-66
FRENCH, Russell L. Col 1996 SS Ol'Timer; Cmdr COMSEC
FRISCHMUTH, Patricia "Pat" GS 1998 SS Ol'Timer from 1950, maiden name Twitchell, Cmd Hq, SSFCU 1st female Chair.
GABLE, George D. CMSgt 1997 First ground radio maint supvr @ 6937th/Peshawar, Pakistan. Great boss.
GABOURY, Charles "Chuck" UNK 1996 Cryppie - 6990th, 6994th, Instr @ Goodfellow
GAINES, Ralph M. SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer; WWII USN; SS Ops from '51; Mason Somerset Lodge
GALLOWAY, Charles B. Unk 1996 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 20 years
GALLOWAY, EMANUEL T. TSgt 1998 304 asgn Misawa 1955-
GALYEAN, THOMAS W. TSgt 1996 702 asgn Misawa 1963-65
GAMMELL, Robert "Dean" LCol 1998 AFSS Ol'timer, worked Cmd Hq, NSA, DIA, CIA
GARBERSON, John R. "Mr G" LCol 1998 Engineer, SS Ol'timer, Cmd Hq, NSA, Turkey (Sam & Trab); Masonic Lodge, FTVA
GARDNER, Kenneth A. "Kenny" SMSgt 1995 A203-2/-4 linguist flew a 'million' hours; 6990th; 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, AKA 'KGB' (Kenny Gardner Baby!)
GATLIN, Winford A. Unk 1997 Asgn Misawa 1963-65
GIBSON, Fred MSgt 1995 SS Ol'timer, 202XX School 1956 at KAFB
GILBERT, George A. Jr. Unk 1996 Misawa 1953-
GLASS, William E. LCol 1996 Computer Expert; SS in 50's; WWII Navigator & German X-POW
GODINICH, EVON J. A2C 1997 292 asgn Misawa 1962-
GONITZKE, Joan Marie GS 1995 SS 37-year ol'timer AFSCC & Cmd Staff vet
GORMAN, Leonard E. "Len", Jr. CMSgt 1996 Det 1 6923RSM (6924SS) Da Nang 63.
GORMAN, Richard "Dick" GS 1997 SS Ol'Timer, fluent in 6-language; AFSCC Staff for years; 201X0 chief SCP-1 (63-65)
GOZNELL, George GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer and Legendary in language Intel Tech Training, especially notable at Goodfellow
GRAZIOLI, Joseph A. Unk 1995 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; retired from NSA
GREEN, Orlen CMSgt 1996 Opns; SS Ol'Timer, retired in 70's
HADOVSKY, Frank D. Lt Col 1996 Need info please
HAGER, Lloyd L. CMSgt 1998 SS operations Ol'Timer; 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason
HAGUE, Peter W. MSgt 1998 R20390-2 (MB), Voice/Cryp Coord; 6924SS Da Nang 70-71.
HAIRE, Horace E. "Red" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer,HoH mbr; AMS Extraordinaire VietNam thru Desert Storm, Mr Rivet Joint.
HALL, James L. SSgt 1996 291X0 asgn Misawa 1970s, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HALVERSON, Edward "Ed" CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer, Brooks AFB 292XX, WWII Rad Opr, AFSS 1951-'66; Cmd Hq, NSA, et al
HANSELL, Robert L. MSgt 1995 SS Ol'Timer; WWII Vet, Cmd Staff, Crete, et al
HARDEN, Hubert M. "Mac" SMSgt 1997 292X1 asgn Chicksands, Misawa, Phu Cat Vietnam, Taiway, Hq USAFSS
HARIPAR, George E. LCol 1999 WWII, SS in '64; SAC IO; SS unit cmdr: Danang, Bremerhaven, San Vito, Key West
HARMEYER, Lance A. LCol 1998 Chinese linguist; 30-yrs AF; HoH mbr; Brooks,Chicksands; Eielson; PACAF, AIA IG
HARRIS, Glenn M. Unk 1998 292XX, Turkey, Cmd Hq
HARRIS, Wesley V. LCol 1995 Ops Officer; SS Ol'Timer; WWII Vet Battle of the Bulge, NSA, DIA, et al
HARTSFIELD, Floyd R. TSgt 1999 R20270; 6924SS Ramasun 71-72, Shiroi, Japan, Thailand (2 tours), Shu Lin K'ou, Taiwan, and NSA
HATHAWAY, Bobby B. SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer; 29290, Cmd Hq, Bremerhaven in '50's, et al
HAUGE, Peter CMSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer, Cmd Hq, Chicksands, Bentwaters, Berlin, Vietnam, et al
HAVENS,Glenn R. UNK 1996 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HAYES, Lloyd W. CMSgt 1999 SS era; Personnel/Admin
HEATH, James "Jim" CMSgt 1996 Instr in SS NCO Academy 23-yrs; Goodfellow NCO Academy dedicated to him
HEAVNER, Donie G. Sgt 1999 Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
HELMER, Charles "Chuck" CMSgt 1996 Ops; SS fm '50 @ Brooks; Golfer on Cmd team
HENDERSON, Bruce D. LCol 1999 SS Ol'Timer, WWII bomber Nav, linguist, SS Shift Supv Rhein Main, much more
HENDRIX, Bethel S. MSgt 1995 Asgn Onna Point, Darmstadt, Iraklion, Goodfellow 1960s
HERMES, Martha P. GS 1995 Need info please
HERRINGTON, Ernese H. PFC 1996 Asgn Misawa 1950-
HIBBS, Frank W. CMSgt 1997 1963-64 (Need more info)
HILDENBRAND, Raymond J. SMSgt 1997 ACRP; expert in Alert Ctr
HOBBS, C. Woodrow "Woody" CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer,a master Manpower mgr; SS HoH; AFCM+3OLC, MSM+1OLC.
HOCKETT, Stanley D. Unk 1997 292 asgn Misawa 1959-
HODAPP, Robert "Hodaddy" SMSgt 1996 Premier airborne 294/205 @ Kelly (Cmd Stan/Eval). "All-around good guy."
HODNETT, William H. A1C 1995 Worked D/F asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
HODSDON, Howard R. "Howie" SMSgt 1999 R20790, Msn Supvr; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
HOLLENBECK, William, Jr "Bill" GS 1996 Analyst; SS Ol'Timer left military in 50's to Civ to retirement
HOLLOWAY, Rufas H. Col 1997 Ops Off: Cmdr 6960SG;30-yrs svc WWII, Korea, Vietnam
HOLTZ, Gary A. Unk 1996 292 asgn Misawa 1962
HORVATH, August A. Unk 1999 Hist/background not known
HOUGHTON, Edwin G. Col 1997 SS Ol'Timer; DIR COMSEC Eng
HUBBARD, Floyd CMSgt 1999 SS O'Timer; Logistics, Cmd Hq EurSecRgn & Pakistan; Ret in NM
HUDNELL, David H. Unk 1996 Asgn Misawa 1966-
HUDSON, James G. TSgt 1995 304X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
HUDSON, Oliver E. Unk 1997 Asgn Misawa 1965-
HUETHER, Donald E. "Hooter" MSgt 1999 202 spent many years at 6903 (Osan) winding up at AIA Hq
HUFFMAN, Edward C. LCol 1999 50's Ol'Timer; WWII & VietNam Vet; linguist, tours in Chicksands, SEA, Crete, et al
HUTCHINS, Gary B. CMSgt 1996 ADSO & product reporting expert in PhilippinesI, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, NSA
IORIO, Anthony P. Cpl 1996 Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
IVESTER, Jessie K. A1C 1997 Misawa 1955
JACKSON, Byron M. Cpl 1997 Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
JACKSON, Campbell Y. Sgt 1997 Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
JACKSON, Charles C. Unk 1997 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; intercept op
JACKSON, Ernest L. "Jack" TSgt 1996 USAF WWII, Korea, Vietnam
JACKSON, Isaac A1C 1998 Misawa 1955
JAQUIER, Jules A. "Jaq" Capt/GS 1997 Chinese linguist MSgt to mustang Capt; AMS; asgn Kadena, Goodfellow
JARRELL, Charles MSgt/GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer; COMSEC equip Tech Svc Specialist; Hawaii, England, Pakistan, AFCD Civ
JEFFORDS, Clifford C. GS 1998 SS Ol'Timer in CMD Engineering Lab for many years
JOHNS, William J. "Judd" CMSgt 1998 Logistics Specialist 26-yr AF career; 16-yr Postal Svc career
JOHNSON, Larry LCol 1999 SS '50's Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq Staff, Darmstadt, Landsberg, et al
JOHNSON, Lee H. MSgt 1997 Crypto asgn 6922/Philippines in late 60s
JOHNSON, Palmer E. MSgt 1997 Tinker AFB, RAF North Luffnam, Westover AFB and Carswell AFB
JONES, Leonard A. Unk 1997 Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
JONES, Michael L. Unk 1995 291X0 asgn Misawa 1970-
JOUFFRAY, Octavius LCol 1999 WWII Vet; Elec Engineer 9-yrs w/SS; member of ELKS, KOC, Daedalians
KEENAN, Joseph H. MSgt 1995 203XX; SS Ol'Timer, Asgn Misawa 1970s
KELLEY, Vivian G. GS 1997 Admin/Sec AFCSC
KERBY, David L. "Dave" SSgt 1997 R30454; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
KERN, Robert L. CMSgt 1997 Misawa 1955
KILLGORE, James A. Maj 1996 Chief of supply Goodfellow AFB
KILPATRICK, Terry L. MSgt 1999 205 Signals at 6990 & Compass Call. Cancer at Buckley Field, CO
KINNEY, James A1C 1998 SS Ol'Timer; ACRP Serbo-Croatian linguist @ Rhein-Main in late 50's
KLEIFGES, Thomas "Clyde" CMSgt 1998 Polish linguist; SS/ESC ACRP, Air Staff; Championed Comfy Olympics
KNOCKE, Mervin C. "Merv" MSgt 1998 R20290 Iron Horse; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70, Monkey Mtn 71-73.
KOPP, Merle K. MSgt 1996 SS Ol'Timer, Brooks, 6913th RSM, Bremerhave, Misawa (1953)l
KOZNOWSKI, John R. CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer @ Brooks; then OSI spec duty; then SS again, etc
KRAUS, Carroll J. Unk 1998 Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
KRISKE, Herbert A. GS 1998 23-yrs Cmd Hq
KUEBER, Stephen J. CWO 1997 SS from '50 @ Brooks AFB
LAMBERT, Raymond E. Col 1998 SS Ol'timer, Cmdr 6910 SW,Darmstadt; Cmd Hq, Cmdr Taiwan, Dep Cmdr AFSCC
LAMENDOLA, Achille A. SSgt 1998 Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LANG, Delmar C. "Del" LCol 1997 SS Ol'Timer; Chinese linguist; Capt in Korean War; NSAREP Thailand/Korea, 1st RSM
LANGE, Melvin T. MSgt 1996 Opns; wife Mary civ in Airborne (USAFSS/DOR)
LANGLOIS, Howard J. SMSgt 1996 Linguist; SS Ol'Timer from 50's; WWII Vet, German POW
LARDIE, Clarence R. Cpl 1998 Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LAYMAN, Linden L. A1C 1997 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LEATHERS, Wesley "Wes" MSgt 1996 Cmd Staff; Bangkok, Taiwan, Okinawa, Goodfellow, et al
LEE, William "Bill" CMSgt 1998 SS 292XX Ol'timer, HQ, Scotland, England, Italy, Vietnam; Pres of English Golf Course
LEIFESTE, Harold E. "Hal" LCol 1997 COMSEC; SS Ol'Timer fm '50, Cmd Staff, 690lst, 6917th/San Vito 65-66.
LETCHWORTH, Joseph A. Unk 1997 702 asgn Misawa 1959
LILLY, Arthur M. Col 1997 Opns; Cmdr 6922nd and much more
LINDSEY, Robert J. CMSgt 1998 Crypto & multi-lingual linguist; Belgrade, Moscow, DoD
LIST, Everett L. Unk 1997 293 asgn Misawa 1956-57
LOECHELT, James S. Unk 1995 Poss C/W Op asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
LOFING, Roger D. A1C 1997 292XX asgn Misawa 1964-
LOGATTO, Salvatore J Unk 1998 Asgn 2nd RSM
LOPEZ, Elliot E. CMSgt 1995 Spanish linguist; ACRP Ol'Timer; great wit
LORREE, Ellis R. LCol 1995 Opns Off; rated Navigator; Cmd P&P,PACAF et al
LOSCUTOFF, Alexander SSgt 1998 Asgn Misawa 1960-
LOURENCO, Lawrence "Larry" A1c 1997 202 on Dog Trick @ Bremerhaven, GE; Trick 3 @ Misawa.
LOVEDAY, Gene C. Sgt 1999 Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LUNDQUIST, Darrel W. Col 1996 Great intellect, Cmd P&P; Dir AFOSI et al
LUTZ, Simon M. "SI" Col 1995 SS Ol"Timer '59-'66, DCS/Civ Engineering
LYNCH, John M. "Jack" CMSgt 1998 Opns; SS Ol'Timer;6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, ESR,NSA, et al
MAASSEN, Paul H. SMSgt 1997 29290; ETO Turkey, Taiwan, Misawa; ARDF missions in VietNam
MacMILLEN, James A "Peanut" Unk 1999 Asgn Bremerhaven in late 50s.
MALONE, Dennis E. "Denny" MSgt 1998 Admin; Cmd Hq Staff, Japan, Okinawa
MALONE, John J. CMSgt 1997 Opns; SS O'Timer
MANNING, Bruce "Archie" MSgt 1998 202XX and 202XX instr at Goodfellow AFB
MARQUIS, Don SMSgt 1998 TEBO @ San Vito, HQs, et al.
MARTIN, Hugh L. "Marty" SMSgt 1998 SS Ol'Timer; linguist; Allstate Insurance Agt then GS-Civ after retirement
MARTIN, John R "Jack" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer; ACRP "Wire Bender" Rhein-Main, Yokota, 15,000 flying hours, et al
MASLING, Stephen CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'timer who was a WWII Vet; tours Turkey, Phillipines, Cmd Hq, et al
MATARANGOLO, John A. PFC 1996 293XX asgn Misawa 1951-
MATECKO, George Col 1996 Russian Linguist; WWII B-24 pilot; Piloted AF-1 and Kremlin 1; Retired as DI-AFSS
MATHERNE, Milton A. Jr. Sgt 1996 202X0 asgn Misawa 1970-74
MAYER, Albert N. "Bud" MSgt 1998 Misawa 1964-66
McANDREWS, Carl L. Unk 1996 291X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
McBAY, H.C. SSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; linguist; discharged fm AFSS in 1957
McCLAY, Imogene GS 1995 Admin and /Sec; SS Ol'Timer
McGINNIS, Raymond L. Unk 1995 Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
McINTYRE, Keith GS 1997 Graphic Arts; 25-yr SS Vet; internationally recognized artist
McKAY, Dean Unk 1998 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Brooks AFB & 2nd RSM Darmstadt, Ger
McPHILLIAMY, Clyde E. Unk 1998 Asgn Misawa 1954-
MEDELLIN, Jesse M. GS 1997 Art Illustraitor; SS Ol'Timer, WWII Flying Tigers, India, Burma
MEDLIN, Arthur "Buck" MSgt/GS 1998 SS Ol'Timer, Russ/Hungarian/Czech/German linguist. Asgn Turkey/Finland/Austria.
MEHL, Fred J. "J Fred Muggs" MSgt 1999 Airborne Russian linguist @ Offutt, Upper Heyford, Rhein Main 60s/70s
MEIER, Frederick C. "Fritz" CMSgt/GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer, 29290,Bremerhaven, PSR, Cmd Hq, Civ Hq PACAF
MELLOTT, Lester R., Jr "Les" Col 1998 SS Ol'timer; AFSS DO, CS, CV; Wing Cmdr Misawa, et al
MICKLE, Carl Sgt 1997 Analyst, Aircrew, Security Hill - 70-72, Det 3, 6994th Thailand
MILLER, Caroll W. CMSgt 1995 Opns; SS Ol'Timer; 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, died in Lampong, Thailand
MILLER, Kyle D. MSgt/GS 1996 SS in '50's; ESR, AFSCC, NSA
MILLER, Thermon MSgt 1998 SS Ol'Timer; 1st Sgt; 6901st, Zweibruken, Ger, et al
MILLER, William F. SMSgt 1997 Asgn Misawa 1970-71
MILLER, William F. "Bill" SMSgt 1997 202XX; AFSCC, Japan, Okinawa, Shimea, NSA
MILLS, Gary SMSgt 1996 Opns; Cmd Hq, Mildenhall in mid 70's; premier gunner
MINIER, Robert C. A1C 1998 Asgn 6960th Spt Gp
MOELLER, Arno "Flip" MSgt/GS 1995 Opns, Cmd Hq, Alaska, England; GS/Civ on Cmd Staff
MOLLOY, Edward M. Unk 1997 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; cook
MORA, Adolph "Moe" MSgt 1997 Admin/Pers; Cmd Hq Staff, 6900th SW, PSR, 32 degree Mason,Shriner, FTVA, et al
MORGAN, James E. GS 1997 Analyst; SS Ol'Timer, 30-yrs in Cmd
MORNING, Kenneth R. Unk 1999 Asgn Misawa 1959
MORRIS, Jack E. CMSgt 1999 SS Ops Ol'Timer & WWII Vet; Alaska,Shimya,Germany,Italy,Crete, et al
MORRIS, Patricia GS 1997 Admin/Sec; ret mil to Civ, FTVA
MOYERS, William D. SMSgt 1997 Morse op asgn Darmstadt, Misawa, Pleiku, Turkey; NSA
MUDRAK, George MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, 292XX/202XX/204XX, NSA, Vietnam, Taiwan, et al
MUNSON, John H. CMSgt 1996 20590; into SS '63
MURPHY, Daniel E. Jr TSgt 1998 SS Ol'Timer, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; Cmd Hq, et al
MUSOLINO, Joseph F. Unk 1995 702X0 asgn Misawa 1953
NAYLOR, Edward R. "Ted" Major 1998 Cmdr, Ops: 6924SS Da Nang 67-68.
NEESS, John A. Unk 1998 Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
NELSON, Allen R. SSgt 1996 Finance, SS Ol,'Timer, 2nd RSm in 1952-54
NEWELL, Tom Maj/GS 1999 AFSS/ESC/AIA, Hq, Sq Cmdr Chicksands, et al
NEWFARMER, Gary A. A1C 1996 292x2 in Shiroi 1958
NEWTON, Bobby R. UNK 1997 Dogger?
NICOLA, Allen Lt 1996 1st RSM Commander (1953)
NOFFSINGER, Lester P. MSgt 1995 1st Sgt 6921RGM 1959-61
NORMAN, George R. TSgt 1997 202X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
NORTHCUTT, Thomas L. "Tiny" MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer 292XX Began SS career at Kirknewton, then ESR, Franfurt, Elmendorf
NUNN, Kenneth G. Unk 1997 AMT asgn 6916th in 1960s
ODOM, Bobby J. Unk 1997 292 @ 6913SS (Bremerhaven, GE).
OLDACRE, Rudolph SSgt 1995 Asgn Misawa 1965
OLDS, Philip C. Unk 1998 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; retired Air Force
OLIVER, Carl E. MSgt 1997 Russian linguist 'gunner' & AMS; died in Saudi Arabia
O'LOUGHLIN, Walter A. SMSgt 1997 Asgn USAFSS
OLSON, Dwight B. "Olie" GS 1996 Engineer; HAM operator, worked on DEW
OPACK, William F. "Red" Unk 1997 292X1 asgn Misawa T3 1958-60
OTTO, Patsy L. GS 1997 Data Proc Analyst; SS Ol'Timer
OXLEY, George R. MSgt 1998 Asgn Misawa
PARRISH, Ernest (Ernie) TSgt 1995 Russian Linguist - Area specialist @ Elmendorf; killed in E3A AWACS acc at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
PATTERSON, David D. MSgt 1999 Asgn Misawa 1970s
PATTERSON, Gerald D. Unk 1997 Airborne 292/207 @ Yokota early 60s.
PAXTON, James "Jim" LCol 1996 COMSEC Opns, was Dir COMSEC Opns when retired
PAYNE, Robert Henry "Hank" Unk 1999 SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, 6910 RGM, et al
PENNY, Bobby L. C. A1C 1999 Asgn Misawa 1972-
PERKINS, Jan R. UNK 1996 Misawa 1959-
PERKINS, Larry L. Unk 1996 T4, Misawa 1977-78
PERRIGO, Duane L. MSgt 1995 753x, Misawa 1962-63
PETRIE, James E. "Jim" MSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer Chinese linguist from 1959, retired and resided in Taipei, Taiwan
PETTIS, Joseph D. Unk 1995 363XX asgn Misawa 1958-60
PFLUEGER, Walter W. Maj 1996 Svc in WWII, Korea. Asgn Ft Myer, VA; Darmstadt; Karamursel; Wright Pat; NSA.
PIERCE, Rupert F. UNK 1996 304XX - Misawa 1953
PINER, Gordon T. Unk 1995 292X1 asgn Misawa 1959-61
PITHEY, James H. "Jim" TSgt 1997 6924SS Ramasun 71-72.
PITTMAN, William D. GS 1996 Was one of the founding Directors of SSFCU
PLACE, George W. A2C 1995 292x, Misawa 1967
PLUSH, Robert L. Capt 1998 Asgn Misawa
PLYLER, James M. (Big Jim) Unk 1996 1st RSM - 1952
POPE, William "Willie" MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer fm WWII Rad Opr early Shift (Msn) Supv at 2nd RSM, Darmstadt, Ger
PORTER, Terry D. MSgt 1997 Abrn linguist @ Rhein-Main/Yokota in late 60s, Misawa 68-71; ended career @ NSA
PRICHARD, Anna M. GS 1997 Crypto; SS Ol'Timer fm '50
PRINCE, Joseph F. SMSgt 1997 A328 AMT asgn 6916th, 6988th, 6990th, Goodfellow
PURCELL, Charles Unk 1995 29271 asgn Goodfellow
QUINTANILLA, Hector LCol 1998 Intl Off in SS; Physicist fm St Mary's Univ; WWII vet in Pacific area
RABOZZI, Robert J. MSgt 1998 Early 202X0 just before Korean War began; asgn Far East, Germany, Chicksands
RAGAN, Marvin L. MSgt 1997 Need info please
RAGSDALE, Melvin MSgt 1999 SS era, 202XX, Alaska, et al
RAHA, James F. "Jim" TSgt 1996 R29170 CommCen; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
RAMOS, Monserrate Unk 1998 Spanish linguist and flyer
RAMSEY, Winfred SMSgt 1997 SS Ol'Timer Tripoli, Clark AB, Phil, AFSCC, Cmd Hq, Masawa, Cudjoe Key, Fla.
RAST, James "Jack" GS 1998 Data Automation; SS Ol'Timer
RATLIFF, Edward K. MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
REARICK, Oscar I. CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, a real Dittie-Bopper, Hq Cmd Staff, et al
REED, Donald A. Col 1995 Cmdr 6912, 25th, 90th, Cmd HQ & NSA
RHODES, Thomas D. Unk 1999 203X1 asgn Misawa 1967-69
RICHARD, Ulderic Jr. SSgt 1995 Misawa 1963
RICHARD, Ulderic Jr. SSgt 1995 Asgn Misawa 1963
RICHARDSON, Lemuel Unk 1998 292x, Misawa 1959
RIDER, James Unk 1998 SS Ol'Timer; 6910 SG, Landsberg Ger in late 1950's
RIEDMILLER, Donald H. ??? 1996 SS Ol'Timer; 29271/20270 @ Darmstadt in '56; helped start/flew ACRP Rhein-Main in '56
RITCHIE, Alvin D. Unk 1996 202 asgn Misawa 1996
RITSCHIE, David SSgt 1999 Polish linguist served in Europe. Lt Col (AF Res)
ROBBE, Domenico 1st Lt 1996 OIC - Det 11, 1st RSM - Misawa 1949
ROBERTS, James C.,IV Maj 1999 SS Ol'Timer , Electronic Eng, of Environmental Science, Hq SS and WWII vet in Pacific
ROBERTS, Lew A. (Alton) SSgt 1998 292x, Misawa 1956-58
ROBINS, Charles SMSgt 1997 20290 asgn 6920th early 70s
ROGERS, Albert "Buck" Col 1996 SS Ol'Timer, HoH member
ROSENSTEEL, Edwin D. Unk 1997 202X0 asgn Misawa 1954-56
ROSS, John W. GS 1996 SS Ol'Timer; AFSCC Analyst
ROSSETT, James E. "Rosie" SSgt 1998 R20270; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
RUNDLE, Donald Unk 1996 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
RUSCHE, Allen B. SSgt 1999 R29271; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
RUSSELL, Duane E. II Col 1998 Son of SS Ol'Timer, Col Duane E. Russell "DER"
RYAN, Thomas "Tom" SMSgt 1996 Need info please
RYDER, James Unk 1998 SS Ol'timer from 1950's; 12th RSM Landsberg, Ger; 6910 RGM; et al
SAKAI, Walter T. A2C 1998 292X2 asgn T2 Misawa 1959-60
SALE, Charles T. "Tom" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, Dittie Bopper; Msn Supv, Controller, et al; Softball Pitcher!
SALERNO, Joseph J. A2C/GS 1998 292X1 asgn Clark; GS asgn NSA to retirement
SANFORD, Lindsey J. Maj 1995 Personnel; CBPO's ESR, Cmd HQ
SANTANA, Louis MSgt 1999 Equip Maintenance
SAYLOR, Henry S. Col 1997 Linguist; SS Ol'Timer; NATO Staff
SCHLOSSER, Harlan E. A1C 1999 603XX asgn Misawa 1953
SCHNEIDER, Gail MSgt 1999 Radio maint asgn Karamursel, Turkey 1970-72; Peshawar, Pakistan.
SCHRODER, George H, Jr GS 1995 Crypto; Cmd Hq mostly
SCOTT, Charles A. CMSgt 1996 Unit mgr; 6910SG et al
SHANDREW, Bobby W. TSgt 1999 203 Chinese asgn 6988th/6990th/6924th/Monterey.
SHAVER, Charles D. CMSgt 1997 Into SS 1950; retired '69; became claim mgr USAA
SHEAN, John P. Col 1997 Intercept Officer Fm Army Security Agency into SS 1950; Cmdr 12th RSM, Landsberg
SHERRILL, Marvin C. MSgt 1998  
SHIMEK, Eugene L. CMSgt 1996 Admin; 28-yrs SS; Cmd Staff
SHIPMAN, Gerald D. GS 1996 SS Ol'Timer, 202XX, AFSCC, et al
SHORT, Thomas E. LCol 1998 SS Ol'timer 12-yrs; flew RB-50's out of Yokota in '50's;commissioned 1-Lt in Armyet al
SIEFRING, William J. "Bill" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer, Russian Linguist Athens, Alaska, England, NSA, et al,
SILVIS, James "Jim" MSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer; Ops in PSR, ETO, Vietnam, Alaska, Cmd Hq, et al
SIMMONS, Albert Unk 20?? Asgn T3 Misawa 1969-70
SIMMS, James E. TSgt 1995 Comm; SS Ol'Timer; duty Taiwan, Vietnam,, Saudi Arabia w/Bendix Corp
SIRMYER, Edgar A. Bgen 1997 Hq USAFSS/Dep CC 1953-56, 6920th/CC 1956
SKAINES, Ferrell A. A1C 1995 293XX asgn Misawa 1954-
SKRABACZ, Ronald L. Unk 1997 292x1, Misawa 1966-67
SLOTHOWER, Virgil D. SMSgt 1998 Long-time, Physical Security Specialist
SMITH, Paul G. Col 1995 6940th; 6952nd 1959-61 as 1st Lt
SMITH, Roland L. CMSgt 1997 Opns; Cmd Hq, SEA, PSR
SMITH, Thomas K. "TK" CMSgt 1995 SS Ol'Timer; 20799; asgn Misawa
SMITH, William H. SMSgt 1996 Need info please
SOLTESZ, James F. Maj 1997 Asgn Misawa 1970s
SON, Marion O. Jr. Unk 1999 Asgn Misawa 1957
SPIERS, James E. A2C 1999 292X1 asgn Misawa 1958-59
SPOONER, Julius L. "Jack" LCol 1998 SS '56-'65; Cmdr 6937, 6913th, 6970th ,et al
SPRAGE, Donald Unk 1998 Asgn 6910th; very successful artist in Coffeyville, KS after USAF
St PIERRE, Andrew A. SSgt 1997 29170 communicator, SS Ol'Timer, Chicksands, Taiwan, Cmd Hq, et al
STACEY, John E. Col 1998 Bldg 2000 Security Prov Marshall,Shriner,Mason; father of LCol Darby Stacey-Reynolds
STALNAKER, Roy B. A2C 1995 Misawa 1955
STENBERG, Nada GS 1999 Ol'Timer, AFSS,ESC,AFIC,AIA; helped organize FTVA; a true secretary's secretary
STEVENS, Lawrence G. CMSgt 1995 Opns, SS Ol'Timer; Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 24 years
STEWARD, Ira H. CWO 1997 SS thru 60's & 70's
STINEBAUGH, Garry E MSgt 1999 SS ACRP; Romanian lingujist @ Rhein-Main late 50's/early 60's; AKA "Shakey"
STIVERSON, Stephen J. "Slats" TSgt 1999 SS/ESC era, Russian/Vietnamese linguist; Kadena
STOCK, John D. Unk 1996 702XX asgn Misawa 1962-63
STOGNER, Homer G., Jr. SMSgt 1995 Linguist; Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Okinawa, Vietnam; ret 1976, 6990th, 6908th
STOKES, Clinton MSgt 1999 Asgd Illinois, Texas, Crete (64-67), NSA (67-retirement).
STROOT, Robert C. LCol 1996 Opns,Russ Linguist, SS fm '50, Moscow Attache Staff in Cold War days
SUMMERS, Kenneth E. Unk 1995 Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
SUMNER, Royce Joseph SMSgt 1997 Combat SEA; much decorated in Korean conflict
SUMRALL, Daniel D. SSgt 1997 292x1, Misawa 1963
SWAIM, Thomas S. Col 1999 SS Ol'Timer, WWII Flying Tiger, credited with 50's/60's COMINT/ELINT sys dev
TAMSETT, Frank S. CMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer; retired out of AFSS AFCD; very active in Masonic Order & Affiliates
TAUS, Tom LCol 1995 Russ Linguist; weather specialist
TAYLOR, Darrell T. TSgt 1997 Career of 20-yrs in SS; FTVA member
TESSMAN, Phyllis GS 1997 SS Flt Opns scheduling, etc; aka Phyllis Odom
TETTEMER, Marvin D. Unk 1997 Asgn Misawa 1963
THEODORE, Leon L. Unk 1999 Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
THOMAS, Gearod E. SSgt 1999 702 asgn Misawa 1955
THOMAS, Kenneth Unk 1997 Need info please
THOMASON, James P. MSgt 1995 Asgn 41st RSM/Bremerhaven, 6927th RSM/Onna Point Okinawa
THOMPSON, Franklin D. Jr. SSgt 1997 292X1 asgn 6990th/Kadena, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TILLMAN, Terry W. "Horanji" CMSgt 1998 Korean linguist from 60s; retired Osan Korea 1987; stayed there as GS till death
TINNEY, Frank Col 1997 Cmd Staff, DCS/Personnel
TRIMBLE, Norman L. Unk 1997 SS Operations; FTVA member
TURNER, Cecil L. MSgt 1997 Det 1, 6923RSM (6924SS) Da Nang 62-63; 6911RGM 59-60
TYLER, Peggy J. Dancer GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer, w\35 yrs svc, ret from AFEWC, avid bowler, member of Eastern Star
VATIER, Hume F. A2C 1998 771x, Misawa - 1966-67
VIDA, William "Bill" MSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer, was a Radio Intcpt Maint Technician
WADDLE, Carl L. CMSgt 1997 292XX, SS Ol'Timer; Baker Flight Msn Supe 6986th/Wakannai 1963-64, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WALDIE, Robert W. A2C 1999 202x, Misawa 1964-
WARDEN, Brenda GS 1998 SS Ol'timer in Cmd Comsec Engineering Directorate
WATSON, Paul E. Unk 1996 COMSEC; SS Ol'timer, was a Mason, DAV
WATTS, DAVID L. SMSgt 199x SS Ol'Timer, 41st (6913 RSM), Bremerhaven; many others
WEAVER, Marion M.,Jr. SMSgt 1999 SS Ok'Timer, Data Processor, Zweibrukcken, Crete, Cmd Hq, et al
WEISBAUM, Donald M. A1C 1999 Asgn Bremerhaven 1952-54
WEST, John E. GS 1997 SS Ol'Timer; 30-year career; was in Masonic Lodge, DAV
WEST, Randall Glenn A2C 1998 292x2 in Shiroi 1958
WHEELER, William "Butch" Col 1997 EW expert; Cmd Staff, 6981/CC, retired as ESA/CC; retired to fishing guide in Alaska
WHITE, Bruce E. CMSgt 1998 SS Ol'timer from WWII as Rad Opr, then Ditte Bopper; 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Ret CMSgt & Res CWO-3
WHITE, John K. LCol 1996 SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Ops Officer; WWII vet; was in D-Day invasion
WHITMAN, Lawrence E. SSgt 1996 R81150 SP; 6924SS Da Nang 64-65, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
WIDEMAN, Rudolph V. CMSgt 1996 Maint Supt Cmd Hq; Medina AB; Italy, et al
WILLEY, Carl F. CWO4 1997 SS Ol'Timer, Opns Supv, 6989th RSM, 6924th/Danang, et al
WILLIAMS, George S. Unk 1999 Asgn 2nd RSM
WILLIAMS, Kenneth V. GS 1999 SS Ol'Timer from Capt in US Navy WWII era; well known; highly regarded
WILLIAMS, Noah W. CMSgt 1996 20290, SS fm '50; Alaska, Greece, Japan, et al
WILLIAMSON, William P. Col 1997 Cmd Staff
WISHNEFSKY, Leonard A2C 1998 203X - Misawa 64-65
WITERSKI, John P. CMSgt 1997 Russian linguist asgn 41st RSM in early 50s
WOLINSKY, Ivan L. "Lee" LCol 1996 HoH member; ACRP,ARDF; Ops Off @ 6990th.
WOOD, George L. "Woody" SMSgt 1999 SS Ol'Timer 29290, ETO, Japan, PSR, Cmd Hq, Darmstadt, Key West.
WOOD, Harry V. Unk 1995 Asgn 2nd RSM
WOODALL, William H. MSgt 1999 304X - Misawa 1964
WOODS, Bobby H. Unk 1997 Asgn 2nd RSM
WOOLARD, John D. Unk 1996 Asgn 2nd RSM
YADLOSKY, Paul H. TSgt 1996 Russian Linguist; Cmd Hq, duty ETO area mostly
YARBROUGH, Jerry D. A2C 1997 Misawa 1959
YATES, William Lawrence MSgt 1995 292X1 w/USAFSS 21 years, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
YINGST, Glenn Unk 1996 Asgn 2nd RSM
YOUNG, Luther R. CMSgt 1996 Career USAFSS. Asgnmts in Japan; Ops Supt in Turkey 1976/77
ZAKREZEWSKI, Richard MSgt/GS 1997 Analyst Tech; .SS Ol'Timer; Old Crow; VFW Post 6012
ZIMMERMAN, William B. Unk 1999 Asgn 2nd RSM
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