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Freedom Through Vigilance Association

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Please help STOP the decision by the US Air Force AETC to close and/or consolidate the US Air Force Security Forces Museum.
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These professionals protected us 24 hours a day our entire careers and continue to provide their dedicated service to this date.

2014 FTVA Reunion information has been posted here.
Hall of Honor: The Hall of Honor was created in 1983. It honors individuals who served with great distinction and contributed immeasurably to successful mission accomplishment. The Hall of Honor preserves the legacy of those who have gone before, highlights their deeds, and honors their contributions to the nation. For more information on the Hall of Honor, click here
What is the Freedom Through Vigilance Association? The Freedom Through Vigilance Association (FTVA) is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to the support and perpetuation of the objectives of the U.S. Air Force and USAF Security Service and its successor organizations. Click here for more information. For FTVA chapter information Click here
FTVA Vigilant Partners Program: The FTVA realizes its objectives, in part, by providing funds for programs that reward the hardworking, dedicated AF ISR Agency people who go "above and beyond" to achieve the command mission. The Vigilant Partners program permits industry, corporations, businesses and even individuals interested in AF ISR Agency's mission to join us in helping fund AF ISR Agency' programs. Click here for additional information.
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Fallen Eagles:The Fallen Eagles list was originally compiled by CMSgt Bob Jones.  Kirk Carpenter took over for Chief Jones and Kirk has passed the project to Chief Ted Colquhoun.  To view the list, click here. Please contact Ted by clicking here with suggested changes, additions or deletions. (updated June 28th, 2014)
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22 Sep 1995 AWACs, 381IS, Elmendorf AFB, AK
    TSgt Ernest Parrish

Significant Events:

*Soviet fighters shot down a C-130 reconnaissance aircraft on 2 September 1958 when it strayed off-course over Soviet Armenia. All crew members were assumed killed, including 11 USAFSS personnel.

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